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Getting the career you want and love is not impossible. Make your passion a reality by taking concerted steps that lead you to the promised land of career bliss, even if it means working hard to achieve your dreams. Discover these five quick tips to put you on the path to professional happiness.

1. Earn Your Qualifications

When researching the career you want, find out which qualifications you need to get started. You may need a college degree, specialized certifications or formal training to land an entry-level job. You might also have to take a test to earn a professional certification. Many careers in health care, law and finance offer professional tests, administered by state or national boards, that you must pass before entering your chosen profession.

2. Improve Your Skills

Employers look for more than just certifications and education. It's important to possess the additional skills listed in the job posting. Common skills required for a job include communication, self-starting, flexibility, reliability and problem-solving. These soft skills come in handy in virtually all industries. Prepare to demonstrate your soft skills during job interviews. You can also boost your technical skills, such as coding, design and electrical, by taking courses.

3. Network, Network, Network

More and more employers rely on internal employees to make recommendations for new hires. Develop contacts and professional relationships with people who already work for companies or in industries that pique your curiosity. Attend local networking events, reach out to people on LinkedIn and social media, and get to know potential colleagues who have similar interests. One of these connections can help you land a great job in your chosen field.

4. Stay Working

If you decide you want to switch careers after a few months or years, stick with your job as you explore new career opportunities. That way, your finances can remain stable. Consider working in a different position with your current employer if you find yourself unhappy with your job. A change of scenery, even a small one, can improve your outlook on your current career and help you decide if you really need to make a change.

5. Believe It Can Happen

Never stop believing that your dream career can happen. Things might not always go smoothly, but don't let that stop you from continuously working towards your ultimate goal. Believing in yourself and your dreams instills confidence as well, and that confidence comes across to potential employers during job interviews.

These five quick tips can help you get the career you want. Your professional happiness and financial stability can be one and the same, as long as you follow your passions, set goals and take the right steps to achieve those goals.

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