Have You Considered Partnering With a HeadHunter?

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Developing a strong relationship with a headhunter has benefits for both sides of the partnership. You help the headhunter by having the skills and qualifications for the positions his clients need to fill. He helps you by introducing you to those clients and getting you access to highly sought-after job opportunities. Follow these tips to gain the full benefits of working with a headhunter.

Choose a Headhunter in Your Desired Industry

It makes no sense to look for headhunters who are not familiar with the industry you want to work in or do not understand the functions of the type of job you want. This person is going to connect you with positions that align with your skills and qualifications. If he doesn't understand your industry, he won't be able to speak effectively in your favor or even have connections with the right companies. You want a headhunter with the best networking connections for your specific industry.

Understand What a Headhunter Actually Does

A headhunter is not a talent agent or resume writer. You do not call up a headhunter, inform him that you are looking for a job, and then expect him to procure it for you. Headhunters actually work for companies looking to hire new talent, and they get a commission when a company hires a great match that they helped arrange. It is in your best interest to clearly illustrate the skills and qualifications you possess that make you a good fit for your headhunter's clients. A headhunter is not going to give your resume an overhaul to make you a more suitable candidate. He might, however, give you some suggestions on how you can tweak your materials to make you more appealing to the hiring company and highlight those desired skills and qualifications. After all, he also wins if you are hired.

Learn How to Connect With a Headhunter

Similar to your goal of finding a job, a headhunter's goal is to match a qualified individual with his client base. Communicate openly with the headhunter about all of your skills and qualifications. Be honest about your level of expertise, as well as areas where you may need more training. Failing to do so can result in a lack of trust and even harm your headhunter's reputation if you misrepresent yourself to one of his clients. Be clear about your expectations of the partnership and a good headhunter will do the same.

A partnership with a headhunter is a networking connection that opens up more opportunities to find your dream job. Respect the headhunter's position, and show him that your skills and qualifications are just what he needs to net that big commission from his top client.

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  • Danielle B.
    Danielle B.

    Great article and great advice. I am searching for a headhunter that will direct me towards my dream career as a Medical Insurance Patient Advocate. Humanity is the most important commodity we will ever serve. Service! Service! Service!

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