How to Build Your Personal Brand In 4 Steps

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Whether you’re selling jewelry on Etsy, doing freelance work on Fiverr, or anything in between, it’s important to build your personal brand to attract business. This can seem like a daunting task; it’s easy to feel like David compared to the Goliaths of the business world. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems. Here’s four steps you can take to build your personal brand like the pros!

1. Define Your Value:
If we’re being realistic, there are a whole lot of people competing for business online. While this may seem like a dark reality, it’s actually a great opportunity. What is different about your personal business that sets you apart from the masses? Whatever this aspect is, whether that be the fastest turnaround time, the best prices, or the highest quality, be sure to highlight it for your personal business. Demonstrate it, too. Boast positive reviews, examples of your work, and clearly state your commitment to quality in a way that potential customers will see. 

2. Network
Networking is a key feature of success in practically every aspect of business, but it is of the upmost importance in building your personal brand. Networking has an immediate twofold benefit: reaching potential customers and potential investors. Essentially, your objective is to create as much positive buzz as possible. As the saying goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. As an additional benefit, networking can lead you to mentorships or beneficial connections with people in a similar field, providing you with opportunities to learn and grow. Get yourself and your brand out there!

3. Be Consistent 
There are many things that can be put down and picked up at a later date: puzzles, books, TV shows, the like. Your personal brand is not one of them. If you’re serious about establishing and developing your personal brand or business, you should be fully prepared for a serious commitment. You want your brand to be reliable and easy to reach in order to maintain your reputation. No one wants to be ghosted by a brand, especially when it’s a personal brand. Consistency is key, and it is a crucial feature of any successful brand.

4. Keep Learning
Never let your brand become stale. By this, I mean don’t rely on what works today for the rest of your career. As the philosopher Heraclitus famously said: “there is nothing permanent except change,” and the world of business is faster paced than ever before (He didn’t say that second part, but he’d probably agree it). Learn new skills, offer new services, and stay modern in your advertisement. Make new connections and stay fresh! You don’t want your brand to be left behind with Blackberries (RIP) and the LaserDisc.

Building your personal brand may seem like a huge challenge in 2024. Competing with giants of your industry can be daunting. However, this can be an advantage for you. Set yourself apart from the rest and follow these four steps to grow and develop your personal brand into the next big thing.


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