How to Get an Executive Headhunter’s Attention

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If you’re an executive on the prowl for a new position, then you probably feel that you’ve turned every stone with no luck at all. But if you haven’t interacted with an executive headhunter, then you still have a few options available to you.


Executive headhunters—or recruiters—take on the mission of matching top-level talent with top-level job openings. They are considered the matchmakers of the business world and can do an amazing job of linking you with your next position. But of course, you first must catch their attention. Here are some ways to get noticed:


Make Yourself Visible

It’s critical that you put yourself out there as an executive who has the skills to get the job done. One way is to create a profile on LinkedIn and utilize as many aspects of the site as possible—including thoroughly building your resume, plenty of connections, acquiring recommendations, and conducting job searches.


Also, spread your expertise around the Internet by requesting to add your own guest posts to reputable websites dedicated partially or completely to your field. Finally, create a dynamic website in your name that boasts your professional achievements and brands you as an expert in your field.


Network Online and Offline

If you want to catch the attention of executive headhunters, you need to network both on and off the Internet. Why? First, you never know if you will run into a headhunter in a casual or business conversation. And second, you never know if you will run into an associate of a headhunter who is looking for a candidate with your qualifications.


This means you need to spend time interacting with as many people as possible. Definitely take advantage of the connections you make on LinkedIn. Also, get out and attend social functions that could help you to run across a headhunter when you least expect it.


Join Professional Organizations

Joining a professional organization is an important way to get the attention of a headhunter. Their job is to look for qualified candidates to fill roles for companies—no matter where they find them. If you join a professional organization within your trade, there’s a great chance that you could run into a few headhunters who visit those organizations in order to locate great talent.


And while you’re at it, take time to join some trade groups and professional forums from your own college online. Members are great about sharing leads on jobs or helping others out, even if they’re not a part of the specific field.


Being recruited by a headhunter is one of the best ways to connect with a company. So now’s the time to take every creative step you can to make sure you’re able to be noticed.


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