How to Know if Your Job Posting is Actually Effective

Alexander Richardson
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When looking for new hires, it all starts with the job posting, but even some great job postings struggle to get attention. So, how do you know your job posting is effective or not? Here are some simple tips.

1. Hearing from applicants

One way to tell if your job posting is effective is the number of applicants that respond to your job. If you don’t hear anything, that’s a clearly a sign that your job posting isn’t captivating enough.

2. Do an in-depth analysis

If your job posting isn’t working then regroup with your team. Maybe the posting doesn’t go into enough detail about the job responsibilities, or the applicants want to know what benefits are offered before they proceed. You and your team have the ability to make the job posting stronger. Make sure to take all the time you need to improve the application process, test variations of the job posting with different job titles and details, etc… Measure the success of each factor to determine the best way to promote your jobs

3. Craft your job posting so that it is  mobile friendly

Most people do their job searching on their phone, so focus on making sure your job posting reads well on a mobile device.  Keep your job posting simple and concise and make sure the job title is also clear and easy to understand for candidates and search engines.

4. Highlight the company’s press and awards

It doesn’t matter the size of your company, if they’ve done something noteworthy, mention it in the posting. If it makes your company stand out, it will attract applicants to your job posting. But, don’t go creating false accolades for your company—that’s not okay

5. Include a welcome video

A welcome video will make your company come off as bright and inviting, easily bringing your apply rate up. Job postings with videos are viewed more than postings without videos. Job postings with video inject personality and emotion into your brand and attracts applicants.

Consider these five tips next time you need to craft a job posting.


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