How to Negotiate Your Next Promotion

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If you are seeking a promotion, don’t leave it solely in the hands of fate and management. You can influence your supervisor to elevate your position by learning how to successfully negotiate a promotion.

Consider Your Employer’s POV

Be willing to see the possibility of promotion from the side of your employer. Is this person a good investment for the company long-term? Can this employee do more for the company in a higher position? Keep in mind it is expensive and time-consuming for companies to hire and train new people to fill open positions, but promoting an existing star employee makes sense.

Go Above and Beyond

If you are negotiating a promotion from your boss, go above and beyond your current duties to attract a higher-paying job. Maintain outstanding performance on the clock to show your value as an employee and increase your eligibility for a promotion. Putting in extra work shows you are a dedicated, efficient worker who can handle a larger workload. Employees who do more than what is expected are noticed by managers, and your performance could lead to a better position in a new department.

Gain Higher Education and Training

Some employees have remarkable traits and skills that make them suitable for promotion, but they lack the proper credentials for the job. If you become qualified to hold a higher position within the company, you are much more likely to get it. Pursue a college education in your field and attend training programs to maximize your skills, and you can negotiate a promotion with greater ease.

Show Leadership and Teamwork Skills

Employees who move up in the company to become managers and supervisors show superb leadership and team-working skills when collaborating with fellow employees. If you regularly prove that you can lead your work team to the top, you may be welcomed into the ranks of management as a reward.

Open and Strengthen the Channels of Communication

If you want to negotiate a promotion, use solid communication tactics to prepare and get it done. Practice the conversation with a trusted individual to work on your negotiating skills before you meet with the boss. Make sure your boss is in a good mood before you begin, and set up a brief meeting to make your pitch for a promotion in privacy. Speak calmly and clearly to radiate confidence and hold your supervisor’s attention.

Display Your Achievements

If you are an outstanding employee already, it is in your best interest to show off your achievements when negotiating a promotion. Keep meticulous records of good performance reviews, high sales numbers, successful projects and other evidence that shows your effectiveness as an employee. Highlight these positive examples in the process of negotiating.

Ask at the Right Time

A higher salary and a great promotion can be yours if you can find the opportune time to request one. Trying to negotiate a promotion when a company is struggling financially is unwise, even with great negotiating skills. Asking at the end of the fiscal year may be a better time for many companies.

The only way that most employees will ever receive a promotion is if they get the courage to ask for one. You can negotiate a promotion and succeed with a little confidence, drive and great work performance.


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  • Kristy Bowen
    Kristy Bowen

    If u give respect toward your company within ninety days will speak for itself .

  • Helen C.
    Helen C.

    You may be able to ask for a raise after your first 90 days provided you have not been late coming into work , your work has been above satisfactory, that you have gone that extra mile for the company, that you do not take unnecessary time off. Then you shouldn't have to ask your evaluation should speak for itself.

  • LaToya J.
    LaToya J.

    I think if you have been on a job for sometime..that a individual should make time with hiring manager, to discuss a potential raises. Its best to do it after.. your first 90 day evaluation.

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