How to React to an Aggressive Interviewer

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In the competitive world of employment, job seekers must avoid becoming intimidated by aggressive interview questioning. Don’t let an aggressive interviewer throw you off balance. Using proactive ways to deal with brazen interviewers is necessary to secure the job of your choice.

Rely on Your Memory Skills

You never know when an aggressive interviewer may be the obstacle to getting hired, so it is best to be prepared. Job seekers may encounter a hostile interviewer when applying for jobs at the entry or expert level, and everything in between. Rehearse for the tough interview questions with a trusted individual, and you can rely on your memory skills later to answer complex questions with less hesitation.

Remain Calm

If a particular question seems to come as a bit forceful or rude, remain calm and do not panic. Some interviewers adopt an aggressive approach on purpose to determine if job seekers are thick-skinned and sharp-witted. Those job seekers who break under the weight of aggressive interview questioning are likely to be cast aside. If you react to tough interview questions with anxiety or hostility, the interviewer can form a negative perception of you in spite of your credentials. In addition, the interviewer is likely to be impressed at your composure under pressure if you remain calm and keep your sights on a successful session.

Control Your Tone

A wavering voice is a sign that the job seeker is insecure, so maintain a consistent, clear tone to ground yourself and radiate confidence during the interview. Avoid raising your voice in response to sensitive questions so that you do not sound defensive. Maintain a normal pace while speaking, and smile while speaking to the interviewer to keep a lighthearted sound to your voice.

Focus on Your Strengths

It is much easier to answer intrusive questions by an interviewer if you focus on your strengths as the best job candidate. If you allow the interviewer to make you feel uneasy, your disturbance may shine more than your strengths. Focus on your skills as the ideal job candidate for the position, and answer work-related questions by vocalizing your strengths and unique capabilities.

Keep a Positive Attitude

If you understand that the interviewer is trying to do his job by finding the best candidate and scaring away all the others, it becomes easier to facilitate a positive reaction. It is important to not take the interviewer’s questioning methods personally in order to stay in a positive mindset.

Some interviewers may use confrontational tactics just to test your resolve, but you can ace the interview with flying colors by conducting yourself well and answering questions thoughtfully. Make sure your paperwork is organized to avoid fumbling through your stuff if you are caught off guard. It is important that job seekers develop the skills and the mindset necessary to excel in an interview with aggressive interviewers.


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