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Traditional methods of finding work in the healthcare industry, including help-wanted ads and job sites, aren't surefire solutions to finding work in today's marketplace. New tools can help you with your healthcare job search and ensure that you find a good match for both your skills and your personality. Social media has become a major player in the field of finding and applying for new work, and it has changed the way healthcare pros get their feet in the door with medical centers and providers of all sizes.

When you undertake a healthcare job search, your first step should include cleaning up your social media profile. Updating your picture, providing a new resume or previous work history, and including a short bio that reflects your professional life can make a great first impression on potential employers. Strategic social media use can make a great first impression, but only if you take the time to ensure that your profile stands out as exceptionally professional, neat, and organized.

Your second step should start with finding organizations in the area where you would like to work and accessing their social media profiles. Many medical centers have pages on major social media outlets that they use to communicate with local communities on a regular basis. These pages can give you more information on the center or medical provider for your healthcare job search. Use your social media skills to create a list of each center in your preferred area, and make notes about what they appear to value based on their social media profile and posts.

Once you have identified potential employers, the next step in your healthcare job search is to begin the process of interaction. Some companies may boldly list their current job openings and requirements, and others may make no note of it whatsoever. Using your social media skills, you can begin to engage them one-on-one or through public messages. Take the time to compose your thoughts and questions carefully. Ask targeted questions and inquire into what they seek in candidates applying for a nurse, aide, or other key position in their organization. Remember that you are scouting them out as much as they are gaining interest in you, and you may not be talking with someone who has an interest in the hiring aspect of the organization. That person may be the contact that tips the scales in your favor, however.

Social media is no longer the wave of the future. It is now a tool used by professionals for healthcare job search results as well as interaction between those already active in the field. Keeping your social media profile up to date and interacting with the profiles of online medical centers or organizations is a great way to help ensure that your message will be heard when you start to interact with potential employers. The field of healthcare is ever changing, and using social media for information and engagement can give you an advantage in your healthcare job search.



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