Job Search Trends To Be Aware Of In 2021

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Searching for a job is difficult. Most of us have gone through the daunting phase of searching for the “dream job,” been through multiple rounds of interviews and met with our fair share of rejections, before finally, we find that one job which aligns with our future goals well enough that we say yes to it.

However, the job search has particularly been a difficult phenomenon ever since COVID-19 came into play. Despite many people being unemployed, recruiters have had a hard time finding ideal candidates who suit the job requirements. This is perhaps because the job market is now met with an influx of new talent, which also brings new rising job trends to the market.

So, if you’re a job seeker, here are some job trends that should be aware of in 2021.

1. Personality Focus:
Employers now focus more on your personality and how you interact with other team members, especially when faced with a remote working situation. You stand out as a much stronger candidate if you can show that you have the ability to complete your assigned tasks independently, whilst also being a team player. Cover letters are a great way to showcase your strong points, and recruiters are now valuing them more than than ever before.

2. There Would Be A Hybrid Working Model (And You Should Adapt To It):
A hybrid working model is perhaps more good news than bad. Employers have now realized the easiness and compatibility of working from home, while at the same time, it not affecting their employees’ success. Job seekers on the other end have become more comfortable working from home too, which brings the idea of a hybrid working model into possibility. Many organizations have already begun the inception of this working model, so if you are someone who prefers working from the office, you’ll need to make a few arrangements keeping these job trends in mind.

3. Soft Skills Are A Must:
Soft skills are now more in demand than ever before. Irregardless of the role you take, the world around us has become more aware of the need for great soft skills like communication skills to engage with coworkers and with partners and clients. You are at the end of the day representing your organization, and employers would like to put their best foot forward in the world.

4. Networking Is Key:
An argument can be made that networking was always the key when it came to business. However, in today’s job market, a referral or a close connection at a job is helpful when it comes to landing an interview. The pool of talent out there is innumerable, and to stand out, you’ll need to make yourself known through your networking connections.

5. You Are Responsible For Your Development:
Development can mean many things. However, there are two areas where development is absolutely necessary in today’s world. The first one, without a doubt, is in technology. Not only would you need to be accustomed to the daily workings of virtual meetings and a virtual workspace, but artificial intelligence (AI) would now be more integrated into your everyday work-life, so reading up on that will get you some bonus points. Another aspect of learning is advancing in your particular field through courses, seminars, personal development, brand building, and more – the more you learn about these, the more you stand out.

6. Gig Jobs Are On The Rise:
Perhaps you’ve heard of this one before, but here’s a number that will put the impact of the gig economy into perspective: gig workers now contribute to more than 60% of the work done at organizations. So, untill the time full-time jobs are easy to score, try putting yourself out there through short-term gigs (which are much easier to get). They not only open prospects for full-time work, but also help you to build up your networking contacts.


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    If I am asked that many times, that tells me there are some class A jerks at that company, my answer is hell no, and I walk out. End of interview.

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    George M.

    You nailed it because I went on an interview and he asked me six times do I get along with people no matter how they are

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    Nyakno S.

    I loved it

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    Nice article, in my opinion.

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