Keeping MIllennials Engaged

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By the year 2020, almost 50 percent of employees will be millennials. These workers are not the generation of the past and require something a little different to keep them engaged and connected to your company. Millennial workers are looking for community involvement and a greater work-life balance. So how can you structure your workplace environment to foster engaged employees? Read on for a few tips on how to build a millennial-friendly workplace culture.

In the workplace, millennials are subject to stereotypes about their loyalty, tech skills and work ethic. Instead of requiring millennials to work harder to prove themselves, employers should view this generation and its characteristics through a different lens. The millennial generation has many positives, so why shouldn't your company benefit from them?

Community Involvement

Millennial workers are big into community involvement. Being civic-minded and eager to make a difference, they want to work for a company that espouses its altruistic ideals. Take a step back and look at your company's mission and values. Does it promote social responsibility? Does your company have a brand you can be proud to promote? If your civic-mindedness is a little lacking, then it's time to make some changes. To get your millennial workers engaged, ask them to come up with ideas to make your company more socially and environmentally responsible. As representatives of your company, they would probably be happy to volunteer at charity organizations within the community. Millennial workers also want to know they're being heard. Don't take their suggestions and then shuffle them off to the side; instead, do actually implement them. Not only does this garner good feelings from your employees, but it also improves your company's image.

Greater Work-Life Balance

If your employees don't feel overworked and are happy with their jobs, they're more productive and more in tune with helping your company succeed. Engaged employees are faithful and less likely to leave your company for other opportunities. This saves you the cost and time of searching for and training new talent. Get your millennial workers involved by asking them what type of work environment they want or need. Consider offering flexibility in work hours, letting them come in or leave early or late. Do their jobs offer the flexibility of working at home during certain times of the week or month? Is there certain software that would make their jobs easier and more productive? Does the design of the office encourage creative engagement, or are your employees stuck in cubicles with no natural light or greenery? Millennial employees also crave challenging work. Make sure you give them the opportunity to take on projects that let them grow professionally and personally.

If your company hasn't hired any millennial workers, chances are that's going to change very soon. To get these employees engaged, talk to them about how your business can evolve into a company that fosters millennials' career aspirations.

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