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The job search is a time to ponder your goals for your career, but also a time to brainstorm qualities you are seeking in a firm. When attending a job interview, you need to evaluate the potential employer just as much as the hiring manager is assessing your skills and qualifications. Take note of these warning signs to determine if the position and the company is a good fit for you personally and professionally.

A Dingy Office Space

Job seekers prepare themselves prior to a job interview to ensure they are dressed professionally and making a good impression. The employer should be doing the same. However, if you walk into the office space and cannot picture yourself spending eight or more hours a day in this environment, it may indicate that this company is not a good fit. Observe the decor, the office space and the cleanliness of the environment to determine if you find yourself feeling comfortable as part of this team.

An Unprepared Hiring Manager

Hiring managers should be just as prepared as the candidates they interview. An unprepared interviewer sets off a negative impression right away during the job interview. Think long and hard about the challenges you may face on the job if the company's personnel do not display a professional demeanor or actively put effort into attracting new hires.

A Stifled Company Culture

Observe how employees interact with each other when waiting in the lobby prior to your job interview. Does the staff interact with one another cordially? Are the attitudes representative of employees who are satisfied within their positions? The company culture is an important element of the job. Take notice of how employees work together when touring the office and interacting with teams. If you prefer to work in teams and engage frequently with co-workers, observing the employees carefully could indicate whether or not this firm is in line with your professional goals and preferences.

A Long Commute

To spend ample time commuting to and from work, you must feel comfortable about the opportunity and invest in your future with the company. Consider whether the job is going to be worth the commute. Inquire with the hiring manager during the job interview about professional development opportunities, company perks and benefits, and your ability to make an impact as an employee to determine if the long commute is worth it in the long run.

Applicants must trust their guts when touring office spaces and observing client and co-worker interactions during a job interview. A red flag or uncomfortable feeling could indicate challenges down the road if you decide to join this team. Observe your surroundings carefully to ensure this company is the right one for you.

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