Maybe Americans Should Drop These 11 Work Habits

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While there's no doubt that Americans are hardworking, certain unhealthy habits can cause an unnecessary drain, reducing productivity. Other countries tend to take lessons from the U.S. workers, and there are a few work habits they refuse to engage in. Here are the top 11 unhealthy habits Americans should drop.

1. Skipping Breaks

You may be swamped, but you should carve out a few minutes to get away from your desk. Grab a cup of coffee or take a walk around the block. This helps you regain focus when you return.

2. Ignoring Your Co-workers

Take the time to get to know your fellow employees. Engage in conversations at work and make plans to meet up after work for dinner. Building camaraderie in the office can help boost productivity.

3. Meeting Too Often

If you're guilty of holding unnecessary meetings, drop the unhealthy habit. If a detailed email can suffice, go that route rather than stressing your colleagues and wasting company time.

4. Ditching Vacations

Take advantage of the vacation time you earn. This is time you need to get away from work and recharge your batteries. Studies show that workers are more productive when they return from vacations.

5. Eating at Your Desk

If you're slaving away over a salad or skipping your lunch completely, cut this unhealthy habit out of your routine. Take this time to hit a nearby restaurant, or at least take your sandwich to the break room.

6. Working Long Hours

Whether you're a workaholic or there's just not enough time in an eight-hour workday, this is an unhealthy habit. Come to work on time and leave at the end of your shift. Staying hours after quitting time gives you no time for a personal life.

7. Complaining Too Much

Nobody wants to work with a nonstop grumbler. If you find yourself complaining constantly, whether it's about your workload, your boss or your clients, find a solution for the problem.

8. Cowering to Your Boss

If you disagree with your supervisor's opinion, don't be afraid to speak up and make it known. You can express your own point of view while still being respectful.

9. Emailing From Home

If you find yourself checking your work email while you're having dinner, break the unhealthy habit now. Keep business to work hours to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

10. Being Too Involved

Supervisors who micromanage their employees send office morale into a downward spiral. Have faith in the abilities of your subordinates and allow them some independence in their duties.

11. Monopolizing the Conversation

If you find yourself talking more than listening, make an effort to boost your communication skills. After offering your opinion, ask c-workers for their feedback.

Sometimes you have to know where to draw the line. If you're guilty of one of these top 11 unhealthy habits, make attempts to rectify the problem before it leaves you with a bad case of burnout.

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