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Your professional resume offers a glimpse of your skills and experience that helps hiring managers determine whether you are the best candidate for the position. A key element of job searching includes preparing a resume that makes you stand out from the crowd. Prove that you are qualified and make a good first impression with one document that sums up your professional traits and qualities.

Use the right keywords to get your professional resume in the right hands. Many employers use online tracking systems that sort through applicants to identify those qualified for an interview. Ensure that the system selects your application by using the keywords outlined in the job description or advertisement. For example, if a job description specifies that the applicant must be proficient in a particular software program, make sure to include the name of the program in your application materials. You should also include keywords that are relevant to the industry.

Provide links to online portfolios and an outline of your job experience for easier access. Employers often screen potential employees on social media sites. Post your qualifications and skills on sites such as LinkedIn and Twitter so that you are visible to hiring managers. A professional image online can increase your chances of nailing the job when employers see that you have additional skills and experience.

Your job preparation strategies should also include using quantifiable data that appeals to potential employers. Outline sales numbers, goals met and satisfied clients and customers in bullet form on your application materials. Detail any awards received during your career that help represent your accomplishments. A one-page professional resume offers a snapshot of who you are as a professional. Make this snapshot count by including data that is relevant to the job and shows clear and concise statistical proof that you have succeeded within the industry.

Candidates with minimal experience within the industry can flesh out a professional resume by including volunteer work, professional development and a detailed overview of skills. Employers may recognize that you have less experience than other candidates, but you can still stand out by showing your efforts and eagerness to learn. Impress hiring managers with an objective statement that details career goals, ambitions and a willingness to advance your career. Highlight soft skills that are relevant to the position that also put a spotlight on your personality traits that are in line with the company culture.

Candidates can separate themselves from other candidates with a professional resume that is geared toward the position and the hiring company. Resist the temptation to create a template to use for each and every position you are seeking. Instead, personalize application materials to nail the job of your dreams.

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