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It's always important to stay current on the happenings in your industry and world around you, but it becomes even more vital when you’re seeking new employment. The job market is tough, and standing out among a bevy of other candidates is key. Keep abreast of current resume trends and job seeker innovations so that you can stay at the head of the pack.

Every well-written resume contains an objective, work experience, education and qualifications, but few contain a value proposition. This component is a resume trend that you can add to the opening statement of your resume. Insert a line that draws on your work history and details what skills or traits make you stand apart from other candidates.

Another new feature of innovative resumes is the call-out box. Use call-out boxes to highlight important points in your resume. This helps break up a lengthy resume, draws the reader’s eye to vital information, and allows the hiring manager to easily digest key details about you. Don’t overuse this resume trend; limit your resume to two or three call-outs.

Another 21st-century resume trend is the video resume, a job-seeker innovation that is best used in creative industries and career fields. A brief, 30-second video resume allows you to introduce yourself and gives the hiring manager a glimpse of your personality. A video resume should always be used in conjunction with, but never in place of, a written resume. Include it as a link with your electronic resume, and upload it to your LinkedIn profile.

Infographics are visual representations of information, and they’ve become a useful resume trend. While these attractive pieces aren’t for every job seeker, they do suit those in creative job fields, such as bloggers or graphic designers. Include a table that shows how your work duties were divided in previous positions, or use a chart to show what exotic locations you’ve

visited throughout your volunteer expeditions.

Create a section on your resume that specifically addresses your past achievements. Mention impressive sales quarters, productivity awards or esteemed honors. Consider creating a running list of your accomplishments that you can update and customize for each resume.

One of the biggest resume trends of the 20th century was introducing keywords so that applicant tracking systems would pick them up; however, the trend is now becoming less technical and more personal. According to a 2015 LinkedIn study, job hunters see more success when they make personal connections. Take advantage of networking opportunities with others in your industry so that they can personally hand your resume to a hiring manager.

Innovations in technology flow into every aspect of daily life, and their impact on the career world is clear. As a job seeker, it’s important to embrace these resume trends to keep yourself relevant in your industry.

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