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What are your thoughts about currently available admin jobs? Some people consider them dull, but if you're well informed about the most interesting admin positions available, you can prove their assumptions wrong. If you love your administrative career but want to try something a little different, read on to learn more about admin jobs in unexpected places.

Administrative work can be a lifelong passion—or it can be the conduit to a diverse career. You've probably heard countless stories about CEOs who started their corporate lives in the mailroom. That type of upwardly mobile behavior is entirely plausible, especially in the modern business world. If you want to get noticed, make yourself an indispensible part of the admin team and go from there.

On the other hand, if you'd like to remain in an administrative role but need a change of scenery, consider changing your perspective on what administrative work entails. Admin jobs are available in various fields—not just in corporate offices. The legal system is dependent on skilled administrative professionals, for example. If you enjoy a varied environment, you might want to consider looking for employment opportunities in your local courthouse.

A number of admin jobs are available in the legal system—and court clerks are particularly well compensated. The very best clerks are valued for their organizational talents and administrative skills. To perform well, court clerks need to be able to follow progress in court, take detailed notes, and maintain court records. They also administer oaths to jurors, witnesses, and other participants during court proceedings.

Other legal admin jobs include secretarial roles and paralegal positions. Paralegals are particularly important because they help lawyers complete a significant amount of work behind the scenes. Much of this work is administrative, but it extends into the world of law quite frequently. Paralegals assist their attorney counterparts and are licensed and regulated in a similar manner.

If you want to further your admin career and become a court clerk or a paralegal, you'll need to undergo training. The amount of training you need may depend upon the state in which you live as well as your current level of education. You will also need to obtain a license before beginning to work.

If the legal scene isn't your thing, why not turn to the world of technology and train as a database administrator? Alternatively, you could venture into the medical arena and train for a role in hospital administration. Overall, admin jobs are as varied as they are interesting—and they exist in virtually every industry. Despite the recession and its consequences, the administrative field remains diverse and full of opportunity.


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