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Administrative Professionals Week, which falls during the last week of April, gives employers the chance to celebrate the people who facilitate daily business. For administrative professionals, the week means more than recognition; it is also an opportunity to examine job skills and find ways to grow. In 2013, companies around the world marked the week in a variety of creative and constructive ways.


The Administrative Professionals Week tradition began in 1952 as a way to honor office workers. It originated as Professional Secretaries Day and evolved into Professional Secretaries Week. In 2000, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) changed the name to better reflect the modern job titles and increased job duties of administrative workers.


In 2013, companies celebrated Administrative Professionals Week in a number of ways. According to an article on, one Connecticut community college partnered with a local chapter of the IAAP to host a party to celebrate the college's administrative professionals. The two groups took steps to ensure that the event was a true celebration by bringing in caterers and professional speakers. By scheduling speakers who could inform and enhance the administrative professionals in attendance, organizers offered more than a simple celebration; they provided inspiration and motivation for professional development. Many companies around the United States followed the same pattern, demonstrating true respect for the administrative profession.


For people who are pursuing administrative careers, Administrative Professionals Week is an opportunity for professional development. In 2013, the IAAP encouraged administrative professionals to take the week to examine their job skills and find ways to grow and improve. Throughout the week, the IAAP posted regular blog updates that discussed ways to be more effective at administrative tasks. Topics included travel review sites, leadership skills, finding work-life balance, and computer tricks. By focusing on more than a simple celebration, the IAAP helped to reinforce the value that administrative professionals bring to an office.


Historically, Administrative Professionals Week involves simple gifts and parties for employees who are pursuing administrative careers. As the profession evolves and administrators take on more responsibilities, however, companies are finding additional ways to honor their staff. In addition to standard celebrations, many employers are offering development opportunities for their administrators. From conference attendance to continuing education coursework, many companies are investing in their administrative professionals. This shift represents the way the administrative profession has been redefined. Employers recognize the value that their administrators bring to business, and they see the rewards of professional development. For administrative professionals, the opportunities are growing as the field develops.


Although Administrative Professionals Week has come to a close for 2013, companies and administrative professionals can make use of its lessons year round. By focusing on career and skill development, administrators have the opportunity to demonstrate their value and provide increased support.


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