Proving Your Worth as an Admin Assistant

Julie Shenkman
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Administrative assistants are tasked with managing an office environment and providing support for executives and employees. These type of clerical positions play an important role in improving operations and ensuring the office runs smoothly. Earn a reputation as an exemplary employee by proving your worth through your actions, behaviors and accomplishments on the job.

To prove your worth as an administrative assistant, arm yourself with knowledge about the industry. Know the terminology, trends and technology from the day you begin, recommends OfficeTeam, a division of Robert Half Company. When you are familiar with the terms used by employees and executives, you are more apt to contribute to conversations, assist with tasks, and direct customers and clients to accurate information and company representatives.

Professional administrative assistants should also stay on top of changing trends within the industry to contribute to strategic planning sessions with administrators. Read trade magazines, scour the Internet for news updates, and report any key information you find to company representatives to show you are a vital part of the company's success.

A tech-savvy administrative assistant is essential in today's workplace. Stay up to date with training on software programs, hardware and equipment, and applications that simplify the workflow. As a technology expert, you can then assist employees with troubleshooting and software operations. Knowledge of the latest and greatest technology also allows individuals in clerical positions to simplify and automate processes to eliminate paperwork and improve productivity.

Articulate your words and focus on clear and concise communication while working with co-workers and supervisors. Employees rely on you to disseminate key information about the company, meetings, product development and customer relations. Seek out ways in which employees utilize messages, and adapt. For example, you could create a group email, voice messaging or chat system that notifies employees of important messages.

Your position may require you to not only communicate with employees, but also manage the overall operation of the office. Seek out ways to improve processes and save money. Companies appreciate administrative assistants who are cost-conscious and looking out for the bottom line. Cut back on unnecessary supply orders and point out strategies to cut costs to upper management to show you are a valuable asset to the company and willing to manage effectively and efficiently.

Time management is often the key to success in any position or industry. Organizational skills are crucial as well. Administrative assistants who can manage their time, focus on improving the productivity and profitability of the company, and organize client files and databases for easy access become invaluable in any type of corporation or industry. Add a positive attitude, a welcoming smile and a willingness to help employees, and you have a winning combination.

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