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You've already submitted a dynamite cover letter, fine-tuned your resume, and perfected your elevator pitch for interview day. So how come you're so overwhelmed? A stressful job search sneaks up on you because you may not have noticed the anxiety in the middle of trying to land a job.

Remember that when you're in between employers, that's probably the worst part of a stressful job search in the first place. You simply don't want to be here, and you should have a stable, secure position at a great company that pays the bills. When you start looking for a new job, it upsets your routine, your professional life and your personal life at home. Reduce the stress of a job search by taking into account a few tips as you move on with your career.

Take a break from your stressful job search, and do something fun. What do you like to do outside of work? Pick your favorite hobby, pastime or activity, and participate in that for a few hours, whether you like stamp collecting, playing volleyball, spending time with your kids or walking in the park. You don't work all of the time, so why would you try to find a job all of the time?

Focus your efforts by strategizing your goals. The stress goes away when you have a plan of attack. Know how to find the types of positions you want, determine the salary range you need, and contact the most important people at the firm. Use technology to make a list of everyone you call for a job opportunity, and note the progress you make. Create a spreadsheet or a database that tracks everything you do along the journey so you can see what works and what doesn't.

Write a letter of motivation as a way to encourage your psyche to move forward with action. You already know how to write a great cover letter to a company. Instead, compose a letter showing your achievements, accomplishments, skills and qualifications that pertain to a job you want. Read this letter to yourself, out loud, two or three times a day. Consider this your pep talk to yourself to keep your head up during a stressful job search.

Don't turn your search for gainful employment into a full-time job. Earning money or being a parent represents your full-time job, not trying to catch the attention of the right people during a stressful job search. Take a break, take stock of what's most important to you, and use that as a motivator to land a position that you really, actually want. When you strategize and use technology to your advantage, that makes your search less of a time-waster.

A stressful job search doesn't have to turn into a fruitless exercise. Learn from the experience, grow from it, and relax as much as possible. Sometimes, it may help to realize that everyone goes through uncertainty in their lives and that you're not alone in your anxiety.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Carol thanks for saying what everyone else is feeling. It is rough out there. But it's not impossible. We hear from job seekers every day who are thrilled because they found a position and now they have money. Money may be the root of all evil but it's a necessity in order to live in today's society. So bottom line is no matter how tired we get looking for that new job, we have to keep going.

  • Carol R.
    Carol R.

    For me it suck to look tired of this I had a good job until I move out comfort zone which was OK for me don't like not having money

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