Second Round Interview Questions You Should Ask

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A call for a second interview means that you are one step closer to the job you want. When you get that call, you need to do additional preparation, including creating a second set of interview questions. Asking the right questions in a second interview shows a prospective employer the type of diligence you would bring to the role. Use these questions to demonstrate your preparation skills and determine whether you are a good fit.

Does this position require more individual or team-related work?

During a second interview, hiring managers want to know that you will fit into the company culture. If you aren't fully compatible with the work environment or the predominant management style, your performance will suffer. Find out about the culture by asking questions that prompt interviewers to discuss the organizational norms. Ask if you can meet some of your prospective colleagues, and ask them about the core values of the company.

What are the expectations for someone in this position in the short term and long term?

The second interview is the appropriate time to find out more details about the position and the company’s expectations for you. Craft a question that gives you information about the role beyond daily tasks. Ask about potential future projects you would be participating in as well as how you will be evaluated.

What are some of the areas for potential growth in this role?

Take the opportunity to ask questions that show your commitment to and interest in growing with the company. While it is not inappropriate to ask about future opportunities for promotion, you should primarily focus questions on taking on more responsibility to keep the emphasis of the discussion on what you want to do for the company rather than what you expect in return. Some companies do not have a typical line of promotion for each position, and you need to know that before you accept the job.

Is there another round of interviews after this?

Make sure you get a clear idea of the rest of the hiring process. By the end of a second interview, you should know how many rounds remain, the type of interviews these would be and the expected time frame for filling the position. Know when you need to follow up if you do not hear back from your prospective employer. Make sure to get contact details from each person in the interview.

Use these questions as a guide, but tailor yours directly to the company and the position based on your research. By the second interview, you should know more about the company than just what you can find on the corporate Web site. Carve out a few days before the interview to give yourself time to review multiple resources such as news articles about the company and business information websites such as GlassDoor, or even, if possible, an informal interview with a current employee.

Second interview questions offer an opportunity to learn more about the company and position as well as demonstrate how well you would fit the role. The right questions help both you and your prospective employer determine if you are right for the position and vice-versa. Listen closely to the answers, and make sure to ask follow-up questions to get the information you need.


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