Should You Ever Reapply for a Job?

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Finding the right job requires candidates to invest a good amount of time researching opportunities and applying for open positions. Many jobseekers spend months seeking out a suitable fit, making it hard to resist the temptation to reapply for jobs that seem like a good match.

First, consider why your resume didn't make the desired impact on its first attempt. Did you make spelling or grammar mistakes? Perhaps your attempt to sell yourself and your qualifications fell flat. If you catch these errors and want to make another attempt at a job application, consider reaching out and outlining to the employer why you want to revise your initial application. While this course of action is far from foolproof, some hiring managers respect candidates who reapply for jobs and are willing to do anything to land the right position.

After you scan your documents for errors, ask yourself if you truly possess the skills necessary for the job. Recruiters don't want to read resumes and interview underqualified candidates. Not only does this waste your time, but it could hurt your professional reputation. This only further complicates the job hunt and escalates your chance of rejection. Make sure to apply for jobs that match your professional profile.

Take some time to reflect before you reapply for jobs with the same company. Many jobhunters have a dream company in mind and do their best to find any suitable position at the organization in question. Unfortunately, applying repeatedly at the same company may cause some recruiters to take a step back. You don't want to find yourself stuck in a rut because your zeal makes you appear unstable. 

If you do ultimately decide to reapply for a position, you might consider waiting a certain amount of time to reassess your qualifications and options. After some time elapses, try your best to stay practical and reasonable. A job recruiter may have a valid reason for rejecting your initial application. If possible, politely inquire with the job recruiter what skills or other factors they believe you lack which might make you unqualified. If they are mistaken, perhaps you can convince them otherwise. It's important, however, to not be too zealous. 

In some cases, persistence pays off handsomely, but don't allow yourself to assume that a second application is always the magic key. Some recruiters respond positively to this approach, while others send second applications straight to the recycling bin.

Receiving job rejection letters can discourage even the most seasoned candidates. While nobody wants to lose a potential job opportunity over a misunderstanding, think twice before you reapply for jobs without good cause. If you want to send a second application, consider asking a trusted friend or confidant for their advice. In most cases, multiple applications have little effect on recruiters; however, if you time it correctly, you might just land your dream job.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Karen - paying a company? You should never have to pay to get a job. There are so many recruiters out there in addition to job boards like ours. If you use a recruiter, you don't pay them, the hiring company does. So no, you should never have to pay.

  • Karen Kennedy
    Karen Kennedy

    Thank you. I am feeling frustrated and bad about myself because I cannot seem to get an interview. Is it worth paying a company to help you?


    Vey informative.

  • Sam S.
    Sam S.


  • Karin Davis
    Karin Davis

    Thank you Daniel, that's excellent information.

  • Daniel F.
    Daniel F.

    Applying for the same or similiar job is fine except don't apply for to many positions at the same company because you will look desperate.If you can find the Recruiter thru different resources and build a relationship with them and treat them as you would the interviewer themselves they will help you get a foot in the door and keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities and let you know about them. They can also pass your information along to other recruiters within their organization where you might not have been able to reach

  • Jody  Arms
    Jody Arms

    I have asked that in the past, but was told I should not. Seeing how it worked for some of you, I will be doing it. Persistence does seem to pay off. Thanks for the insight!

  • Renee Teper
    Renee Teper

    Absolutely, this has actually happened to me twice. Once they hired a friend of an employee and I was called six months later and got the job. The second time, not sure why I didn't get the offer but a few years later I applied for the same job with a different hiring manager and got the job!

  • Gloria C.
    Gloria C.

    You never know, I got my job by applying twice. I showed persistence and got the job. Take the chance what's the worst that can happen? They throw it in the trash?

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