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Competition during the job search is often fierce, which is why you need to stand out as the ideal candidate for the job. Beyond crafting a professional resume and creative cover letter, show employers your personality, creativity and go-getter approach with these tips.

1. Create an Impressive Presentation

You don't have to wait for the job interview to showcase your skills and qualifications. Compile a slideshow or presentation to market your skills during your job search. Include sample work, graphs and charts, and video clips of your work on the job. Post this slideshow on your professional website or share on social media profiles to market yourself as the ideal candidate. You can also offer a snapshot of your resume, certifications and awards to further market yourself to potential employers.

2. Showcase Your Creativity

While your professional resume needs to focus on readability, you don't have to stick with the same old standard format. Spruce up your application materials to showcase your creativity by using headline art to display your name. Add infographics to highlight your sales numbers or on-the-job accomplishments. You don't have to be a professional designer to craft a resume that is visual and creative. Many online tools offer user-friendly templates that you can easily modify to fit your specific job search.

3. Compile a Marketing Plan

Take a creative approach to your job search by compiling a marketing plan. Scour through your skills and qualifications to identify what employers in your industry are seeking. Jot down your skills and personality traits that match the demographics of each company to help you craft a cover letter that shows you are the best candidate for the job. When you have a list of companies that are seeking your specific qualifications, you are more prepared to market your skills to firms that offer you fruitful opportunities with career growth.

4. Publish a Newsletter

Connect more with your professional network during your job search by crafting a monthly or weekly newsletter. Share your expertise by highlighting current trends within your field or offer tips to professionals that provide solutions to common issues in the industry. Use a free email program to distribute your newsletter to your network and share the posts on social media to better brand yourself as an expert in the field. This newsletter can put you on the radar for future opportunities, speaking engagements and job offers.

Effectively marketing your skills and qualifications is key when it comes to landing a new position in your field. Whether you are entering a new industry or looking to climb the ladder in your current field, find ways to showcase your talents during the job search so employers take notice. With a clear marketing plan and innovative, visual strategies to highlight your expertise, you can expand your reach and potentially create demand for your talents.

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