Staying Relevant in Today's Job Market

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The job market is constantly changing, which means that you also need to evolve to remain relevant. This advice applies whether you are a new graduate or an experienced professional. Use these tips to ensure you keep getting interviews and job offers throughout your career.

1. Build Your Brand

Branding isn't a meaningless buzzword. It means defining who you are and how you can offer value to potential employers. Make a list of your skills and talents, and think about which ones are most valuable for the kind of jobs you want to do. Update your resume and social media profiles so they showcase these skills.

2. Stay Up to Date With Technology

Knowing how to use the latest business and communications technologies can be a great asset in today's job market. In particular, job seekers over 50 who know how to use a smartphone, practice good business etiquette in email and use the internet to find the information they need could have an advantage over other job seekers in this age group.

3. Never Stop Networking

In today's job market, sometimes who you know may be even more important than what you know. Even when you are in a job, you should continue building your network, as you never know when you may need to call upon one of your contacts. There are many ways to meet people in your industry. Try joining a professional group or attending an industry event to get started. Once you have made contact with some useful people, nurture those relationships by regularly making contact.

4. Continue Your Education

Graduating from college doesn't mean you have finished your education. In a changing job market, the people with the most successful careers are often those who keep learning throughout their lives. Whenever you get the chance to take a training course or learn a new skill, go for it. The skills you develop helps you remain competitive in the job market, no matter how much it changes.

5. Direct Your Training

Want to take a training course but don't know what skills you should learn? Take a look at the trends in your industry, and use them to direct your decision. Is your industry upgrading from using manual labor to filling factories with robots? You might benefit from learning to repair, maintain and control those robots, as that could be where the majority of job openings are in the future.

Staying current in today's job market could improve your chance of finding the job you really want. Even if you are happy in the job you currently have, it's still a good idea to stay up to date. In a changing job market, you never know when you may need to look for a new position.

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