Survey Says Job Seekers Will Be More Confident in 2015

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This is the time of year where we start to break our New Year’s resolutions, but if you resolved to find a new job in 2015, hang tight and don’t fall off that wagon! Because if you’re in the market for a new job, then you’ve come to the right place…but unfortunately you’re not alone.

That’s right the competition will heat up as the outlook of job seekers and employers grows more positive. Beyond recently conducted a survey of more than 4,000 job seekers to find out how they felt about their job search as they headed into 2015 and job seekers said they were even more optimistic than they were when they entered 2014. We predict that this overall boost in confidence will yield a surge in hiring, an increase in job applications, and a drop in the unemployment rate.

 Movement in some industries will be easier than others, like healthcare for instance—competition in 2015 will be the least intense because there is a huge demand for healthcare workers and there will continue to be so as Baby Boomers continue to retire. Opportunities for healthcare workers from younger generations will increase exponentially according to many economic experts.

“It’s impossible to discount how important job seeker confidence is to the overall economy, and we can thank the healthcare industry for giving us a nice shot in the arm heading into 2015,” said Rich Milgram, CEO of Beyond. “We’re witnessing a healthcare boom – with more jobs available, in more places, than any other industry in the country. For those frustrated with their current job search or debating a career change, this is a pretty clear message.”

Positions in the healthcare field that are hiring right now (based on the available jobs posted on Beyond), include the following titles:


  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Physical Therapist
  3. Occupational Therapist
  4. Medical Assistant
  5. Pharmacist





Other industries that will strong this year are Technology and Engineering. Note, that this doesn’t mean that other industries aren’t hiring, these are just the few that will be most in demand for workers.







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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Jessica, have you checked into cyber teaching? I don't know for sure how it is in NY but in PA, many teachers work from home teaching cyber students. Might be something you can check into. Don't sell yourself short, either. I know that you need a job but you would not be happy as an admin asst - not after being an elementary teacher. Companies know that they could not offer a salary that would be enough for you which is why they hire a young person right out of HS or college. They can offer them a lower rate and figure that the person will learn the ropes over the next year or two. Try thinking outside of the traditional classroom. How about becoming a tutor? You could start your own business. Just a few suggestions. I wish you all the best.

  • Jessica M.
    Jessica M.

    Elementary education teacher out of work since June. Position was a Title 1 Grant position; funding cut. I taught for 5 years in NYC and 13 on Long Island NY. No success at all in obtaining emit meant in my field. Positions go to the younger teachers who by contract receive lower pay. I've even applied and interviewed for related positions in private industry with no success. With prior corporate HR experience, I'm facing difficulty obtaining interviews for admin asst jobs.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Sandra - temp agencies seem to be growing in today's work environment. I would go to one - maybe even several. Get registered, take the tests and be ready to go on interviews. Companies are happy to take temp workers because they can pay them less and not have to pay benefits. Keep that in mind and don't sell yourself short. Don't accept $8/hr if you can't live on it. Let the agency know what you need and are willing to accept. They need good reliable workers and will be happy to work with you. Don't let any of the past stigmas get in your way.

  • Sandra Gregston
    Sandra Gregston

    Is there still a stigma or working women over 40 or was that a thing back in the 1990s? I'm asking since I'll be 40 this summer. It doesn't matter if I look 30. Any employer know my age since they can find it by you putting down your date of birth down on any paper application and social. I had a job in Dec 2014 and thinking about going to a temp/employment agency. The thing I was told back in the early 2000s was this "If you haven't worked in the last 6 months, we don't want you". I remember in the early 1990s, any employment agency would take you EVEN if you were 19 years old with no work experience at all. Does anyone know if this 'you must have worked in the last 6 months" rule still apply to most temp/employment agencies now? I just stopped going to them since they all said the same thing - haven't been to any temp place since 2004 or so. I'm in Inland Empire in Southern California so may be it is just the temps out this way. Don't know.

  • Marty Whitworth
    Marty Whitworth

    I'm 61 and it's not looking to promising for a pharmacist BUT I'm not average and I can keep up with anyone , I've got a lot of experience . I eagerly hope recruiters will look at us older pharmacists as a great asset .


    Thanks for sharing. I'm happy to hear that there are so many health care opportunities available, I hope you find the right fit for you future employees.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Lori - that is the old catch-22 - can't get a job without experience and can't get experience without a job. You might want to consider going through an agency that specializes in your area of expertise and go from there. Again - even with all of your degrees and experience, you may have to start at the bottom. Don't let the 3 yrs experience deter you. When companies write up a job description, they put all of their wishes and dreams on it. But that doesn't mean that they will actually find an applicant who has all of those qualifications. Keep on applying - the jobs are out there. @Gary, same for you. Yes, discrimination is alive and well in our society. The days of getting a job with a company and staying there for 30 yrs are relatively gone now. But the jobs are still there - even for those of us who are over 50. We can't give up - that's not an option. Make sure that you are taking advantage of all that is offered in your area - from networking events to job fairs.


    @ Gary, ditto. I even went back to school (drawn in by the cult of eduction) to obtain all my credentials for my accounting designation. No small feat being in my mid-40s. Now, I can't get designated because all entry level jobs require a min 3 years experience. Worked in the public sector and was laid off -- Masters degree to professional certifications and a track record of success but alas... because you haven't done "something specific" you are deemed unable to do it in the future.

  • Gary D.
    Gary D.

    This search for a Job is BS.... I have multiple college degrees, 30 years experience and believe me I have been interviewing more than anyone I know. Companies DO NOT want people in there 50's It's a shame and a complete descrimination !

  • christine d.
    christine d.


  • Jim P.
    Jim P.

    Years ago it was "what u know"......Now its "who u know" . Don't let anyone tell u different either.....

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