Technology Trends in Manufacturing for the New Year

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U.S. manufacturing has changed rapidly due to technology trends. As companies embrace advanced technology and innovative methods to increase productivity, the market is in the spotlight. According to the forecasts by the MAPI Foundation, production in manufacturing is expected to experience a 3 percent increase in 2017. See how technology is impacting the growing trends.

Predicting Failure With Digital Twins

Manufacturing firms are forecasted to adopt technology trends associated with Digital Twins to improve response times and predict potential failures in 2017, according to the MAPI Foundation. Advantages in adopting this technology include reducing downtime and analyzing maintenance costs using real-time data. Companies evaluating data to not only make cuts related to prototyping but also eliminate production costs that are impacting overhead may find themselves generating more profits and utilizing their employee base more effectively.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

This technology trend may see the most significant growth in 2017. In fact, the research affiliate of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation predicts that growth in manufacturing firms investing in artificial intelligence could rise to 300 percent. Over the course of the next year, you might also see partnerships with Google to develop operating systems for robots to boost manufacturing. Technology trends focused on operating systems could significantly enhance production costs and time in the favor of manufacturing firms.

Rising Use of Apps

The Internet of Things is predicted to result in effective solutions for U.S. manufacturing in 2017. Companies may begin to rely on innovative apps to streamline field communication and advanced reporting. Technology trends have indicated a rise in use of apps, but 2017 is likely the year for manufacturing firms to jump on board. Firms specializing in transportation logistics and product development are especially focused on how mobile apps can continue to increase productivity and cut down on overhead and operational costs.

Pushing to 'Go Green'

The landscape of 2017 in regards to technology trends will also see an increased push to "Go Green." An elimination of waste is nothing new for manufacturing firms, but an increased reliance on 3D printing of parts, strategies to salvage waste and precision reporting may see continued and enhanced use in the next year. Advanced troubleshooting methods are predicted to focus on ways to solve problems, enhance operations and utilize the workforce in innovative ways without investing in additional parts and equipment to further preserve and address environmental concerns.

Technology trends continue to impact not only the manufacturing industry, but also every industry in the workforce in 2017. A push to go green and utilize artificial intelligence is predicted to enhance production, save time and increase money, making the manufacturing industry better equipped to troubleshoot, produce and meet the needs of consumers and clients.

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