The Beatles Made it Big by Work

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Young girl and boy hippies of 1967 gathered on the streets of Haight-Ashsbury in San Francisco for the “Summer of Love” as it was called. Drugs and free sex which had been promoted even in the 1800’s by degenerates were now suddenly going to be the norm for a groovy generation.


John Lennon, the leader of The Beatles and the inspiration of so many youths was asked what he thought of the “flower children” as they were called and the “Summer of Love.” His reply, in retrospect” How would I know, I was working my a@s off.”


Another time Lennon was asked why The Beatles had made it so big. His answer was,”We worked twice as hard as everyone else.” Indeed, The Beatles at times seemed to have doubles of themselves because they would play in the North of the United Kingdom in the early afternoon and then drive to the South of the island to play a midnight show only to get up the next morning and do it all over again.


They developed their musicianship in Germany. There they had to play 8 hour sets, sometimes double that if a group didn’t show up. Before The Beatles had arrived in Germany, another group had told The Beatles' manager at the time, Allan Williams, that whatever you do, don’t send that bum group The Beatles to Germany because you’ll ruin it for all of us.


Maybe they were a bum group before Germany, but the hard schedule and constant playing turned them into what would become the greatest showbiz act in history. In fact, they still sell so many records today that if you looked at their record totals this year assuming you didn't know who they were, you'd assume the group was active today and touring with the likes of Katy Perry or Lady Gaga.


There’s an application from this that can be taken when a person is job hunting. One dimension that never can be overlooked is hard work. “You’re kidding me and patronizing me; thanks” you say,” like I didn’t know that.” No I am not.


I did sales, and it takes an average of 20 sales calls to make one sale. You have to make the rounds day in and day out. Many good salespeople are just that because they worked hours upon hours putting their faces into businesses. Of course; it takes skill to keep a customer so I am not taking that away, but to get a clientele base, you have to put in the time and work.


So read the blogs that tell you how to write a good resume and a good cover letter, but you then need to work to blanket everywhere, I mean everywhere, with your resumes and cover letters. Also, tailor your resume again and again depending on a prospective boss’s needs. If education is desired, tailor it to that. If experience is desired, try to find aspects of your life that show you have that kind of experience. (Counting cigarettes as a cashier is management, for instance).


Find out also what the job’s boards read too to see what employers are looking for and work on your resumes and cover letters so that you can convince an employer that you fit what is desired. Don’t assume that a menial job can’t help you get a financial job. It makes you seem real, and it also can show work ethic; and if you rose at this kind of job, leadership.


When sending off resumes and cover letters everywhere, you don’t know what aspect of your resume will be what gets you hired. Therefore, with this strategy, a job that’s not completely what you expected may open up first, but it may be quite beneficial to take it because, as with the Beatles, you may find that everything you did before eventual success is what makes you big, not something you did.


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Jeffrey Ruzicka

Jeffrey Ruzicka is a retired executive of a small company that specializes in industrial water treatment. He lives happily with his wife in Western Pennsylvania and is a contributing writer toFinancialJobBank,FinancialJobBankBlog,ConstructionJobForce, ConstructionJobForceBlog and Nexxt.





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