The Benefits of Airplane Mode

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Many tablets and mobile phones have a setting called airplane mode, which disables Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular networks, and near-field communication. Some people use airplane mode when they want to use their favorite apps or read documents on their wireless devices. Now that the Federal Aviation Administration is allowing airlines to expand the use of mobile devices, some people are wondering if airplane mode is really necessary. Surprisingly, using phone airplane mode has several advantages for business travelers.

If you are in a hurry to charge your phone, set it to airplane mode to save a few minutes. Yoni Heisler tried charging his iPhone 5s with and without using airplane mode. With airplane mode activated, it took him eighteen minutes to reach a 25 percent charge. It took twenty-one minutes to reach a 25 percent charge without using phone airplane mode. Although this isn't much of a difference, it can still save you time if you need to charge your device quickly while you are traveling for business. Airplane mode disables wireless functions, so your device will not waste time searching for updates in the background.

Setting your phone to airplane mode also helps conserve battery life, which is helpful if you are on a long trip or won't be able to charge your device for a while. Because airplane mode offers limited connectivity, your applications won't be able to search for updates. If you have email notifications enabled, your device will not look for new emails or alert you when new mail arrives, which helps preserve precious battery life. If you need to check one more thing before your battery dies, turn on airplane mode to conserve as much battery power as possible.

The new FAA regulations will allow you to use your cell phone on many flights as long as the phone is turned to airplane mode and you do not make any voice calls. This means you will be able to use your flight time effectively. If you have a smartphone, you can still read documents and use apps that do not require wireless connectivity. Use an app to take notes about a current project or create reminders of things you have to do when you reach your destination. Update your contact list by sorting the business cards in your wallet and transferring the information to the contact listing in your phone.

The new FAA regulations are great for business professionals who need to use mobile phones and other devices to stay productive while on the go. Using airplane mode can also help you conserve battery power and charge your phone faster, which are great benefits even if you are traveling by car or train. Use airplane mode to maintain high levels of productivity in any setting.



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