The Dark Web and Why You Might Not Want to Go There

Nancy Anderson
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The dark web is an online space containing content that even the most popular search engines can't find. Content in the dark web is intentionally hidden, so standard web browsers are unable to crawl the data or identify the website or content creator. Billions of websites exist in the dark web that countless people want to explore. Despite your curiosity, here are some reasons why you might want to avoid this taboo web space.

Illegal Activities

The dark web is a space where virtually all participants hide their true identities. This is primarily because the web space is a haven for people conducting all types of illegal activities. Child pornography websites are extremely popular on the dark web. This web space also attracts human traffickers, drug dealers, drug abusers and all types of criminals. The web space contains a wide variety of databases with very sensitive information about individuals and large corporations. Law enforcement officers do as much as possible to crack down on websites and eliminate them, but the task is difficult due to the nature of this web space. To avoid stumbling across something you're not supposed to see or don't want to see, it's a good idea to completely avoid accessing the dark web.

No Privacy Protection

Privacy is a big concern for most people who regularly browse the internet. If maintaining your privacy is of the utmost importance to you, stay clear of the dark web. The dark web is full of countless computer-savvy individuals who can easily access your information and won't hesitate to access your computer, steal your data and compromise your ability to browse the internet freely and safely. Most people who regularly access the dark web know how to browse through content and even make purchases without leaving themselves widely exposed to potential threats. Dark web newbies do not have this knowledge and should make the smart choice to stay away.

Viruses, Malware and More

Computer threats are much more rampant on the dark web than they are in regular cyberspace, and something as simple as visiting a seemingly safe and popular website or downloading a PDF file can completely destroy your computer system. The dark web is indeed a dark space, and many people in the space are up to no good. The idea that you can browse the net without worry is unrealistic, even if you have the best antivirus and anti-malware protection. Increase your chances of keeping your system in good working order by avoiding the dark web completely.

To ensure your safety as you browse the web, it's best to remain on the surface web, which is the portion of the internet that's readily available to the public, easy to access and regularly indexed by Google and other search engines. Having the desire to explore different parts of the internet is normal, but exploring the dark web can be risky and even dangerous, so it's a good idea to stay clear.

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