The Hiring Outlook in 2014 Looks Promising So Far

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With the steady improvement of the economic situation across the nation, the employment outlook is one area that many are looking to for answers. According to Forbes Magazine, research shows a recovering job market in 2014. Employers are expecting steady growth during the second quarter, and are hoping for the lowest rate of workforce reductions in approximately four decades. Experts say the employment outlook for 2014 is the best it has been since the recession ended over four years ago.

With the employment outlook taking a positive swing, many are wondering where to expect the most growth. Overall, companies are still looking for those with bachelor's degrees, particularly businesses that focus on computers, information technology, engineering, science, and communications. The employment outlook will also remain strong for call center work as well as for industrial and manufacturing jobs as companies begin to expand their businesses. You can also expect to see steady growth within large corporations, including Google, Facebook, eBay, Apple, and Yahoo.

Human resource departments are turning to social media and referrals to locate new employees. Instead of sorting through an onslaught of resumes and applications, employers are looking to online databases for solutions to staffing needs. Because of this, in order to take advantage of the encouraging employment outlook, you need to make sure your social media profile highlights who you are and what your career goals are. Look to Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn for job openings from major companies and their recruiters. Don't rely on the traditional routes of employment agencies and online job banks, but search online for companies that interest you and follow their social media sites.

The key findings for the employment outlook of 2014 include improved global growth. In addition, over 73 percent of all employers say there will be a steady job growth. The demand will be very strong for those with postgraduate or MBA degrees, although there will be little need for upper-level management personnel, including directors, vice presidents, and senior vice presidents. If you're looking to get in on the ground level, you stand a much better chance of locating a job than those in the management sector who were laid off and are still unemployed.

The employment outlook for 2014 is the best it has been in over four years. If you are a job seeker, you need to have a game plan. Compare the job market and know what you are looking for in benefits. You will find that you have to make a decision about where you want to work instead of settling for a job merely out of necessity. Use the current employment outlook as a chance to network with potential employers and to polish your online profiles in preparation for the job you really want.


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