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If a new job opportunity arises and you're considering relocating to a new city, you want the place you call home to possess several key attributes. Moving can be intimidating and even scary. It's also often a hassle to uproot your life and take it somewhere new. An environment that welcomes you with these five attributes is one that might make it a little easier to plant your feet and try something different.

Strong Community

Is the industry in which you want to work thriving? Are new businesses cropping up and others expanding and growing, or do you see a lot of closed signs and abandoned buildings? You want your new home base to be a place where you can meet other professionals and feel supported by the local community. Check with the chamber of commerce and other local economic initiatives to see just how your new city is faring when it comes to new opportunities.

Reasonable Cost of Living

If your estimated salary can't sustain your lifestyle, you might need to reconsider your move. Check on the cost of living for the area. How much are rent and utilities? Is there public transit or do you need to take your car everywhere you go? If there's public transit, do you need a car? You might have to pay to store it. How much are extracurriculars, groceries and gas? Different locations have different pricing structures, and you want to make sure you can pay your bills in your new city.

Good Climate

If you hate the cold, it probably isn't a good idea to relocate to places like Wisconsin or other northern states. The same is true if you can't stand the heat. Arizona and Texas are probably out. Research the climate in your new city to make sure you can bear it. You don't want to move somewhere with the highest pollen count in the country if you suffer horribly from allergies.

Cultural Scene

If you value quiet nights at home and don't like a bustling nightlife scene, it doesn't mean your new city has to be a ghost town, but you want to ensure the neighborhood you choose doesn't turn into the most happening place in town the minute the clock strikes midnight. You also don't want to move to a small town where the closest movie theater is an hour away if going to a movie every weekend is the highlight of your week. Consider the activities you enjoy doing, and make sure your new home has enough to keep you satisfied.

Reasonable Commute

Changing jobs for more money or more time won't work out well if you suddenly find yourself having to commute an hour each way every day when it once only took you 15 minutes to get to work. Not only can the drive be stressful but certain times of the day or times of the year may have you on the road longer than normal, and what you thought you were saving in money and time is eaten up by gas and disappearing free time.

A new city offers lots of opportunities for change but you want to consider a move carefully. A strong community, good climate and reasonable commute are just a few key attributes to keep in mind when relocating.

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