Three Ways to Effectively Deal With Work Related Stress

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As most people will suffer from work related stress at one point or another, it is extremely important to know how to deal with this type of stress. Why? Well, stress does not contribute to your general overall well-being and can in fact make you physically ill in the long run. For instance, stress can have a negative effective on your more immune system and make you more prone to influenzas and colds. On a more serious note, prolonged stress can have more serious effects on your body and can for example lead to serious heart disease in individuals. Thus, it is in your best interest to keep your stress levels under control.

That said, for many people, work related stress is the largest source of stress in their lives. Some examples of work related stress include deadlines, the pressure to perform well, unfriendly coworkers and/or managers, inflexible schedules and other negative work related factors. However, there are ways to minimize the amount of work related stress factors in your life. Some of these positive job stress-reducing ideas include:


Exercising, Eating and Sleeping Well

As you already may or may not know, when you exercise, your brain releases stress-busting endorphins. To get the best results from the positive effects of this exercise, it is an excellent idea to work out in the morning before you go to work – after a good night’s sleep. Along similar lines, it is a great idea to eat a nutritious meal before work - after all, if you eat something with little nutritious value - such as a doughnut, can you really expect that item to provide you with the proper fuel you need for the day?


Being Prepared

If you are not prepared at work and/or you are unsure of exactly what would be required of you with respect to a work project, stress can result when your project does not meet your manager’s expectations. In order to avoid this type of situation, you should clarify your responsibilities as soon as you are assigned a project. Additionally, you should ask questions while working on a particular task to ensure that you are on the right track with the project.

Staying Away from Office Politics

While completely avoiding all office politics may be an impossibility – depending on the situation at your place of work, you can minimize your exposure to these toxic activities. For instance, you should do your best to avoid engaging in or encouraging office gossip, badmouthing other employees or higher ups, and taking part in other negative work activities.

To conclude, while you may not eliminate all types of stress at your workplace, you can minimize stress by heeding to this advice.

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