Three Ways to Mix Things Up on Your Managerial Job Hunt

John Krautzel
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If you're getting ready to search for management jobs, you're probably hearing all the usual job-search advice: update your resume, be prepared, and apply to multiple postings. While these are all good ideas, today's economy demands that job seekers go above and beyond. Whether you are just starting out on your job search or your efforts have stalled, try some of the following ideas to mix up your job hunt a bit.

In today's world, technology plays an ever-greater role in all aspects of life, and the hiring process for management jobs is no exception. Many large firms are now using applicant-tracking software to sift through resumes and pick out likely candidates. You can take advantage of this fact by pulling keywords from job postings and inserting them in strategic places in your resume. Keep track of your online presence and capitalize on the opportunities provided by social media. For example, follow companies you're interested in working for on Twitter and Facebook for company news, job postings, and other announcements.

Networking is one of the traditional staples of job search advice, but the information age has taken networking to a whole new level. LinkedIn is a social networking site dedicated specifically to professional networking, and its users are getting great results. After registering, you can complete your profile to include your education, work history, and skill details. The site allows you to network with other professionals and allows employers to look for likely candidates for management jobs, giving you the potential to extend your network exponentially. When you're looking for management jobs, the people you know are important, and LinkedIn has the potential to kick-start your job hunt into high gear.

When companies are getting increasing numbers of applications for every open position, you'll benefit if you can stand out from the crowd. Instead of applying through online postings for management jobs, try bringing your resume to the office in person. You may even consider bypassing the traditional hiring process altogether. If there is a particular business you feel would be a good fit for you, research the company's needs, determine how you might fill them, share your plan, and show hiring managers how you can offer value to the company. In this way, you may be able to create your own position.

Although traditional approaches to seeking employment are tried and true, sometimes you need to think out of the box to land that dream job or to jumpstart a stalled job hunt. Using unconventional methods to find your next management job just may be the thing you need to do to get ahead in a tight economy.


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  •  Lovelyn Rizallosa
    Lovelyn Rizallosa
    Being a manager it does't mean your job is all about instructing the people to do the job.It is all about mental,physical and intellectual job.Somehow you need to show to your members as a manager to how to work in every particulsr job.In a way people will get the chance to learn it base on what you've learn being the manager.It alwys good to have a good communication to all your members and workers,It is the recipe of making a successful company and good relationship to the people you are incharge.

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