Tips to Beat a Mid-day Slump at Work

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Perhaps you stayed up with a sick child all night or you just couldn't sleep the night before. Maybe you needed to put in extra hours at work during the week to finish a huge project on time. Whatever the reason, chances are good that you felt a mid-day slump at one time or another. Discover some ways to beat tiredness and exhaustion when trying to stay productive.

Step Into the Light

Get ready for your week at work by spending time outdoors. Sunlight can have an effect on your sleep schedule by putting your body on the diurnal rhythm that keeps humans awake during the day and asleep at night. Let more light into your indoor space by opening the blinds, and keep your work area well-lit or using sun lamps during the winter. Better indoor lighting can improve your mood and waking cycle.

Wind Down at Night

Always try to get more sleep at night. Use relaxation techniques, such as meditation, drinking herbal teas or even massage, to wind down after a long day. Consider turning off your electronic devices and reading a book for 30 minutes to help your mind wander away from the stress of work.

Move Around More

Exercise and movement can help get your body past a mid-day slump at work. Take a walk during your breaks after enjoying a quick, healthy snack or a delicious lunch. Stretch at your desk. Perform simple exercises, such as tilting your head in different positions, standing up and stretching your legs, or pulling your arm gently across your chest to get your back muscles moving in a different direction. Move around every 30 minutes or so for ideal results.

Recharge Your Body

There are a few ways you can recharge your body at work. You can grab a caffeinated beverage, but a healthy snack containing protein and slow-burning carbs, such as a power bar packed with peanuts and oats, is a better option

If there's a couch in the break room, take a power nap for 15 minutes during an afternoon or morning break. Keep your phone handy and set an alarm so you don't oversleep. Don't forget to fix your hair in the restroom before returning to your workspace.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Rather than tackle the most stressful tasks at work all at once, prioritize your to-do list and set goals. Work on the hardest tasks when you're most alert, and then move to easier tasks after that. Easier tasks may include answering emails, responding to phone calls or reorganizing your files. Set goals ahead of your workday to prioritize tasks, thereby making your day easier to handle.

Take Stock of Your Situation

Perhaps your tiredness at the office has something to do with a more serious situation. You might have too much stress in your life or your workplace environment may be stressful. Consider re-evaluating your workload or finding a way to mitigate negative thoughts to make your time at the office more positive. A constant state of fatigue, insomnia or depression may require medical intervention.

Alleviate tiredness at work by figuring out the source of your exhaustion and then taking proper steps to fix it. Your health and your body will thank you for it.

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