Transparency is Key to Keeping Good Employees

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Employee loyalty relies on clear, concise and transparent communication between managers and subordinates. Secure dedicated and motivated employees with employee retention strategies that encourage open and honest communication about the company's culture, finances and operations.

Employee engagement begins with the hiring process. Structure the talent acquisition process by seeking out potential employees who are transparent themselves. Employers should investigate an employee's online presence and willingness to show transparency on social media and blog platforms. Evaluate if the potential employee is open in disclosing credentials, skills and experience. Companies that hire candid employees often find a solid fit when prioritizing transparency as an employee retention strategy within the workplace.

Businesses should also encourage straight communication among employees and their co-workers and clients. Commit to management strategies that emphasize human language when communicating policies and procedures. Ensure your employees understand the values and mission of the company. Structure staff meetings to focus on setting goals collaboratively and evaluating employee and overall company performance. Involving employees in clear processes to improve the company culture and the company's productivity and profit is a surefire method of promoting employee engagement.

Utilize technology and social media platforms to improve employee retention and promote transparency between upper management and employees. For example, studies have found that executives who actively use social media can improve the reputation of the company, communication within the company culture and trust from potential and current customers. Share employee successes, communicate new developments within the business and honestly confront controversy to eliminate uncertainty within the workplace and among the customer base.

An open-door policy that encourages transparency can improve employee retention within your business. Create online forums and town hall meetings, allowing employees to ask questions of top leadership. Businesses that create a culture prioritizing employees first and customers second often find that the company's bottom line increases when employees feel valued, which ultimately encourages them to provide better customer service to clients. The domino effect can increase sales as both employees and customers feel appreciated and served well.

Transparency can give employees a sense of ownership in the company. Employee retention increases when employees feel that they have a direct impact on the success of the business. Open and honest communication eliminates job uncertainty and secrecy that often taint a company's culture. Encourage employees to share and implement ideas that can improve the processes and policies of the business.

Employees who feel valued, appreciated and needed are likely to support the decisions of upper management, stay loyal to the company's mission and accept organizational changes. Employee retention relies on open, honest and unambiguous communication to eliminate animosity and uncertainty within the company culture. Secure and retain top employees with one of the most basic principles — honesty.


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