Try Out These Ten Strategies to Deal With Change

Julie Shenkman
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Changes are inevitable, both in life and in the workplace. How you deal with change determines how quickly you adapt to something new at the office, whether you have a merger, acquisition, project change or different boss. All 10 of these practical strategies can help you get through any adjustments at work.

1. Anticipate

Listen to what's going on around you so you can anticipate any future events. Is there a new app coming out that increases your efficiency? Did the company just close the deal on a new billing software you must master? How about when your supervisor goes on vacation for a month? Keep in mind that events at home, such as a family outing, a child's ball game or a week of summer camp can alter things at work, so you have to deal with change in this respect, too.

2. Prepare

Make specific plans to mitigate any changes. Instruct temps or substitutes what to do when you're at the beach for two weeks. Learn how to use the piece of office equipment before it arrives so that you can master it more quickly. The sooner you take action, the sooner you become familiar with this different scenario.

3. Imagine

Visualize what happens when you deal with change. That lets you work backwards to create a set of simple goals to achieve the desired outcome.

4. Accept

When you accept the transition to something different, you adapt to the situation more readily. Reward yourself for deal with change, especially if you had a difficult time when you first learned of the modification.

5. Lean on Others

Lean on your support network as you ride out the change. Share your feelings with friends, loved ones and colleagues. Although they may not be able to provide practical strategies for going through this period, sometimes you just need an empathetic ear.

6. Set Yourself

When the situation becomes more difficult for you, understand that this is just a temporary thing. This too shall pass, and you come out better because of it.

7. Treat Yourself

Try not to be too hard on yourself as you move on to new phases of your work or life. Realize you're not alone and you're only human. It's okay to have a reward for hanging in there.

8. Maintain Some Traditions

It's not wise to make a lot of changes all at once. Deal with change one issue at a time so you don't become overwhelmed. Keep the good things, feelings and people around you so long as they make your transitions easier.

9. Grow

See change as an opportunity for growth and as a way to step outside of your comfort zone. You become a more well-rounded individual afterwards.

10. Take Purposeful Steps

Intentionally make changes in your life to help you deal with the unexpected ones. Vow to alter one thing about your life once per month so that your mind becomes used to this way of doing things.

Good strategies to deal with change start with a willingness to learn. Create a concerted effort to foster changes in your life by writing out a step-by-step guide to move from one element to the next until you reach your goal.

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