Try Some Simple Ways to Lower Your Stress

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From the job search to the workday and everything in between, stress is inevitable. While reasonable amounts of stress can help motivate you, too much is detrimental to your health. Check out these 15 simple ways to reduce stress so you can feel happy, healthy and productive.

1. Step Away

Break up your day and reduce stress by going for a quick walk or visiting a co-worker's cubicle for a brief chat.

2. Organize

A cluttered workspace can cause undue stress and reduce productivity. Take a few minutes throughout your day to organize your desk.

3. Clear Your Head

Shift your focus to something unrelated to work a few times throughout the workday to stay energized. Read a chapter of a mystery novel, or browse your favorite news site.

4. Share the Load

Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're feeling overwhelmed. Sharing a heavy workload with willing co-workers can help to reduce your stress levels.

5. Daydream

Allow yourself a few minutes to take a mental break. Daydream about your weekend plans or that cruise you're taking next month.

6. Hydrate

Keep a bottle of water at your desk, and remember to carry it with you to meetings.

7. Stretch

Reduce stress and relieve muscle tension by performing stretches at your desk. Stand up to stretch your legs and get blood flowing.

8. Breathe

Practice deep-breathing exercises every 30 minutes or so. Close your eyes, and focus on the air flowing into and out of your lungs.

9. Take Care of Yourself

Create a self-care kit that you can turn to when you need a break and want to reduce stress. Fill it with your hard candies, herbal tea bags and your favorite scented hand lotion.

10. Doodle

Keep a notepad and pens handy at your desk or in long meetings. Doodling helps to reduce stress and get your creative juices flowing.

11. Have a Snack

Keep healthy snacks in your desk for a quick pick-me-up when you're feeling sluggish. Include granola bars, peanuts or raisins.

12. Set Limits

Don't be afraid to say no when you just can't take on additional duties. Politely setting limits helps you control your already-heavy workload.

13. Keep a Journal

Jot your thoughts, feelings, concerns or ideas in a work journal. This helps you reduce stress and preserves your insight for later use.

14. Listen to Music

Pop in some earbuds and listen to music to get you energized and break up the monotony of the day.

15. Say Thanks

Show your appreciation for a colleague or customer with a simple "thank you." Making others feel appreciate can improve your mood and theirs.

According to Forbes, at least 120,000 deaths per year are associated with work-related stress. Avoid occupational burnout and improve your health by finding simple ways to reduce stress.

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