UWO Professors Redesign Venerable Teck II

Nancy Anderson
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For 80 years now, the Teck II valve has been the go-to flush valve for flush urinals. Masco Canada, makers of the valve, wanted to update its design with an eco-conscious aspect: Convert the Teck II to a dual-flush design to save water, without changing the housing. As you can imagine, there are a large number of these valves in restrooms across North America, and designing an upgrade for them would allow tens of thousands of customers to make a move toward water conservation in the water closet without having to make major changes to the plumbing.

For the design, Masco tapped two mechanical engineers from the University of Western Ontario, Kamran Siddqui and TonyStraatman. Where Masco’s competitors have had problems with a mechanical flush valve with a secondary mode, the UWO professors managed to make significant savings, adding a 4-litre flush mode to the existing, standard 6-litre flush. The newly redesigned Teck II has already replaced the valves on hundreds of flush urinals in Ontario.

For more information, please read the University’s press release at their communications site.

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