Want to Recruit Ambitious Candidates? Here’s How

Brittney Jackson
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If you want your business to thrive it’s second nature to want exceptional employees to help get you there. Ambitious candidates are famous for their love of challenges and their strong drive to push themselves to new heights of success that others may find daunting to reach. Everyone wants the best of the best so here are a few tips as to how you can increase your chances of reeling in a “big one”.

#1- A strong emphasis on career growth
Ambitious candidates are often interested in job advancement so highlighting their potential to rise into higher positions is bound to catch their attention. Career growth opportunities should be listed in the job description and mentioned during the interview process. Walking potential candidates through how they can advance in their positions will likely leave a positive impression and increase the likelihood of the job offer being accepted by them.

#2- Display success stories on your company website
Speaking of illustrating how candidates can advance while working for your company, displaying success stories of past and present employees can further entice ambitious candidates to apply and accept a job offer. Some candidates are going to want visual proof that career growth within your company exists and isn’t just a gimmick to keep them interested. Displaying personal testimonies on your company website will make your business look more credible especially if candidates can connect with those employees through a provided means of communication if requested.

#3- Incorporate goal setting
A common trait ambitious people tend to embody is being highly goal-oriented. Setting goals in the workplace helps everyone stay on the same page in terms of performance and expectations. Ambitious employees are more likely to take initiative and push to meet these goals due to their challenging appeal. Incorporating and pointing out the importance of goal setting within your company's culture can help you attract ambitious candidates who seek to push themselves.

#4- Add in some competitive fun!
Performance competitions may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it certainly is for most ambitious candidates. Keeping work interesting and challenging through the use of friendly work competitions can satisfy the drive ambitious employees have to put their skills to the test and be rewarded for them. Mentioning that your company has work competitions during the hiring process may spark the interest and excitement of ambitious candidates.

#5- Set high company standards
Setting high standards during the hiring process and in the workplace increases your chances of hiring and retaining ambitious employees. Ambitious people like to surround themselves with people who have a sharp focus and eagerly push as much as they do to reach their goals. When ambitious employees know that the people around them are just as ambitious as they are, there is a sense of harmony. Ambitious people tend to keep themselves busy and it can be hard to keep up with them socially and sometimes it takes another ambitious person to truly understand and respect that. Creating a successful working company culture with a good number of ambitious employees starts with how high you reasonably set company standards. 

Those are just a few strategies you can enlist when trying to attract ambitious candidates.


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