What Are the 10 Most Valuable Things to Include on Your Resume?

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Your resume must make a great first impression with a recruiter or hiring manager if you want to reach the interview stage of landing a job. That means showcasing relevant experience, education, certifications and skills. Discover 10 of the most valuable skills to include in a resume no matter what position you apply for in 2018's highly competitive job market.

1. Achievements

Achievements are important on your resume because they represent provable, quantitative aspects of your skill set. For example, you oversaw a team of 15 people who helped Acme Brick increase its sales 15 percent quarter over quarter for eight straight quarters.

2. Skills Employers Need

Research similar positions to the one you're applying for and take a look at the skill sets they require. Then incorporate those skills into your resume to make it even more relevant to your particular industry.

3. Solving Problems

Employers value workers who can come up with unique solutions to complicated problems. This skill takes reasoning, logic, experience and creativity to master. Make sure you have stories that can relate to a time you solved an important problem for an employer.

4. Communication

Verbal and written communication come into play when you have to email co-workers, talk to clients and customers on the phone, and discuss daily tasks with other team members and your supervisor. You must prove you have good communication skills with a well-thought-out resume and cover letter.

5. Organization

Organization, planning and time management are all skills you need in order to prioritize your tasks strategically, work effectively throughout your day and deliver results on a deadline. Having organization skills indicates you can come through under pressure when deadlines must be met.

6. Technical Skills

Many tasks at the office revolve around mastering computer software and navigating computer programs. You may also need to know how to handle technological hardware. Having a technical background specific to your desired position helps meet the qualifications of the employer.

7. Research

The ability to research and analyze data sets you apart from other candidates. List this skill on your resume when you helped solve a problem by examining information and then making conclusions based on that data.

8. Teamwork

No one succeeds in an office without a team effort. Showcase previous scenarios where you demonstrated excellent teamwork, such as assisting someone else with his tasks or staying late after a meeting to meet a specific goal.

9. Integrity

Integrity means doing what is right and acting in a morally correct way. Beyond admitting mistakes, show integrity on your resume by highlighting volunteer opportunities. Employers want to hire genuine people who react to situations with honesty and integrity.

10. Leadership

Leadership is more than just managing a team. You must show initiative, self-start projects and tasks, and create a positive work environment within your team. Displaying leadership can land you a promotion or raise if you learn to manage a team effectively.

Listing these 10 valuable skills on your resume can put you ahead of the pack when it comes to applying for a new position. Employers across all types of industries look for these skills in new hires, so make sure you can prove to a hiring manager that you have what it takes to succeed.

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