What Computer Skills Help You Get Hired?

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When targeting specific skills for professional development and growth, consider computer skills to increase your chances of landing a job, earning a promotion and becoming an invaluable asset to your team. Do your research before deciding which specific skill to upgrade, and discover what skills can get you hired versus other candidates when all other aspects are equal.

Find Out What Relevant Computer Skills You Need

Ask around the office to determine what computer skills you should pursue. One position might value web-based skills, while others may rely more on data entry or learning a very niche software program. Your colleagues can give you a good idea as to what computer or tech skills may boost your likelihood of success in your field.

Look online to discover the computer skills that other jobs require. Search job descriptions for companies and positions that interest you, scroll through positions found on LinkedIn, and note which computer skills your industry needs.

Add Skills to Your Resume

After determining the best computer or tech skills for your field, make sure you use terminology in your resume and application that matches that of the job requirements. This could increase your chances of a hiring manager calling you back and improve your success with an applicant tracking system. The easiest way to show computer skills on your resume is to create a separate section specifically for listing these skills.

What Specific Skills Do Employers Want?

1. Coding

Basic knowledge of computer coding makes you an invaluable part of your team. Knowing how to navigate a computer language or two can come in handy if you ever need to fix minor problems if something goes wrong.

2. Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets crunch numbers and analyze data that companies need to make decisions and set goals. Boost your skills in Microsoft Excel, Google Docs Spreadsheets to draw the attention of employers.

3. Database Management

Microsoft Access offers companies a basic way to organize information into a database. Knowing how to store and process information also helps companies analyze data.

4. Office-Related Programs

Microsoft Office specifically, but also word processing and email programs in general, elevate your skill set. Learn how to manipulate time-saving macros, format regularly used documents and execute complicated functions to wow your manager.

5. Accounting

Accounting software helps you manage payroll, finances, invoices and accounts receivable. Accounting programs are especially important if you seek an administrative role within a company. Consider looking into QuickBooks, one of the most popular accounting programs on the market for small businesses, as of 2018.

6. Social Media and Web Skills

Knowing how to manipulate HTML comes in handy when building or improving a company website. Social media skills are also important to employers who want to expand their reach using the internet.

These computer skills, alongside skills in graphic design, writing and project management, can help get you hired quicker. What computer skills do you value as an employee or employer?

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