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Nearly every job seeker knows a complete resume should include educational background, work experience, skills and qualifications, and significant achievements, but how can you use your resume to show off your personality and stand apart from other candidates? By listing a few of your hobbies and interests, you give hiring managers some insight into what makes you unique.


List endurance sports, such as marathon running, to show your determination and competitive nature, traits that are sought-after in the sales world. If you're captain of an adult soccer team, note it on your resume to demonstrate your leadership skills.


An interest in travel shows you are open to new experiences and enjoy learning about other cultures, traits that benefit international businesses.


If you're an avid gardener, don't be afraid to tout it on your resume. Green organizations are likely to appreciate your interest in nature, sustainability and the environment.


If you're an experienced violinist, this demonstrates your discipline and focus to potential employers. Listing that you're taking guitar lessons shows your openness to learning new skills.


If photography is one of your hobbies, include it on your resume when applying for marketing jobs or careers in other creative industries. Consider adding a link to an online portfolio of your work.


Listing volunteer work on your resume is always a good option. Employers typically encourage community involvement, and the type of charity work you do says a lot about your personality. If you're a nurse who volunteers to serve meals at a homeless shelter, this demonstrates your caring nature.


If you love to read, list specifically what types of materials you enjoy perusing. Are you a scientist who reads industry journals or a programmer who loves scanning tech manuals?

Fantasy Football

Even hobbies such as fantasy football show traits that are desirable in certain industries. A stock broker or financial planner might benefit from the analytical and decision-making skills involved in the hobby.


Authors, editors or those in the marketing field can show off valuable skills by listing their interest in blogging and including a link.


If you practice yoga regularly, list it on your resume. This shows potential employers you have the ability to control your emotions and remain calm, skills that are highly desirable in high-stress industries.

While some job search experts advise candidates not to list hobbies and interests on a resume, this can actually be a unique touch that adds value to your resume. Try to choose hobbies that relate in some way to the job position or industry, and match the interests you list to the specific employer, paying close attention to whether it's a more modern or traditional organization.

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  • Mark P.
    Mark P.

    How about classic automotive restoration in the construction management industry. It is a great ice breaker and shows commitment of a long project, use of resources and budgeting.

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