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Studies indicate that more than half of employers screen the Facebook profiles of job candidates who are seeking employment. Unfortunately, a Facebook page that hosts even a minute amount of indecent material can ruin your chances at a stellar job. Consider how you can eliminate negativity in your profile, and cultivate a Facebook page that works in your favor.

Screen Your Photos Carefully

Job seekers who place unprofessional photos on their Facebook page are only advertising themselves in a negative light. Choose a primary photo that is decent and showcases you in a positive manner. Avoid placing photos that contain suggestive images, alcohol or drug use or any other type of unscrupulous image on your Facebook page. If you are unsure whether or not your Facebook photos are inappropriate, ask yourself if your mother or potential employer could make negative assumptions about your character after viewing them. If you consider a photo to be suspect in any way, it is better to simply delete it.

Restrict Your Friends’ Posts

If you have a bunch of friends and associates on your Facebook page that make graphic or inappropriate posts, it is crucial to restrict their ability to freely post on your wall. Explore your privacy settings, and choose the option to limit what is seen on your page by reviewing each post before it is added to your timeline. This action is essential to keep the online activities of people you know from sabotaging your job opportunities.

Filter Your Political and Religious Views

A Facebook page that is filled with strong political rants can be quite unappealing to potential employers. As a rule of thumb, job seekers may also want to avoid heavy religious discussion as well, especially if they are seeking work with an employer who promotes neutral views or totally opposite beliefs.

Refrain From Foul Language and Bad English

Employers often investigate the Facebook pages of job candidates to determine if their social media actions are harmonious with the company’s culture and workplace values. Job candidates who use curse words and poor grammar to express themselves on Facebook may sabotage their chances for getting the job. If you freely use improper or foul language in your posts, a hiring manager may believe you are unethical, incompetent and a bad fit for the company’s work environment. In addition, developing a more professional Facebook page that does not talk badly about your previous boss is imperative to maximize your future job opportunities.

Some major employers will continue to evaluate Facebook profiles to determine if job candidates are suitable hires. Taking the time to customize your privacy settings, filter posts and eliminate negative material on your Facebook page is necessary to improve your chances of landing employment with a reputable company.


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  • qasem h.
    qasem h.

    Looking forward to a great job WITH. My experiences

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Brenda - YES you do need to watch what your friends say. I am always deleting stuff from my social media pages that I don't want associated with me. It's always best to make sure that you put your best foot forward. 10 years ago it was a new phenomenon if a company actually searched you out on social media. Today it is almost a guarantee that the first place they look is for you on social media - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the like. So be careful what you say and delete any negative posts that may be associated with you. Let your family and friends know that you are job searching and you would appreciate if they didn't post photos that would cast you in a negative light. And, once you do get a new position, keep your posts clean - nothing derogatory about your new company, co-workers or bosses. Companies do look at that also. Look at how many people have lost lifelong jobs because of one stupid post or one stupid rant. Social media is great in that we always know what is happening but it can be bad in that it can get you fired! So yes - clean it up and keep it clean.

  • Brenda D.
    Brenda D.

    Great idea! That means I need to watch what some of my friends say. Thanks

  • Grace H.
    Grace H.

    Wow that sounds great.

  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Irene - that's the way I feel. My posts are just about maybe a local happening and then about my family. I do try to go through and clean things out, though. Maybe someone made disparaging remarks and it shows up on my FB page. Anything with foul language in it too. I clean those out quickly. So it's not just my posts that I clean out but ones that family and friends post also. Don't want any of that associated with me!

  • Irene Compean T.
    Irene Compean T.

    You are welcome to view Facebook at any time. Thank you !

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