What Were the Hardest Questions Asked and How Did You Answer?

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No matter how prepared candidates are for a job interview, employers always seem to surprise them with tough questions that require them to pause, think and come up with outside-the-box answers. Check out some of the hardest questions that employers asked people during an interview, as told to a Business Insider request on Reddit.

1. "What Did You Do When a Friend Asked You to Do Something That Was His Job?"

This question was posed to a candidate during a job interview at a power company. The candidate explained that a certain class he was in was particularly difficult, so people taking the course got together on a regular basis to help each other understand the new concepts they learned about in dynamics class. The employer did not want a candidate who struggled with engineering dynamics, so the candidate did not get the job. Do your best to make sure your answers highlight your abilities and strengths instead of your struggles.

2. "Why Shouldn't We Hire You?"

A Reddit user was asked this question during a job interview and responded by saying "If I had to choose family over a job, I would choose family every time." This candidate got the position. This type of question forces you to be candid with your interviewer. Make sure you think for a few moments before answering honestly, and give a response that showcases your values.

3. "Why Do You Think You'll Get the Job This Time?"

One person on Reddit attended a job interview three months after being turned down for a managerial position, and after the person the firm originally hired for the job failed miserably. The candidate responded to this question by volunteering to train newly hired staff, letting the interviewer know that he's confident in his abilities. He further explained that in past positions, he handled difficult problems and adopted various managerial traits, even though he wasn't a manager. The hiring manager was impressed and invited this candidate to come back.

4. "What Can You Do for Me?"

Instead of starting out with small talk, a vice president of an elite university on the East Coast started a job interview by asking the candidate this question. The candidate mumbled a response because she was taken aback by the abruptness of the question, and she didn't get the job after a 15-minute interview. Make sure you're ready to explain exactly what you have to offer an employer.

5. "Why Do You Exist?"

One candidate heard this interview question and responded, "When I find out, I'll get back to you on that." It turns out, this employer just wanted to see how people reacted to the question. Thoughtful, witty answers scored better, while mumbling, rambling answers rated badly.

A job interview gives you a chance to showcase your personality and soft skills. It also gives employers an opportunity to gauge whether or not you're a perfect fit for the position. Show your ability to creatively solve a problem posed in a difficult question to win over the interviewer. What are some of the hardest questions you were ever asked during an interview, and how did you respond?

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