Where Do Employers Really Look for Talent?

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Job seekers often spend endless hours posting their resumes online or submitting application materials through applicant tracking systems. However, in following this standard approach to job hunting, you could be missing out on major job lead opportunities by neglecting basic face-to-face interactions. Learn how to identify where employers find talent so you can put yourself and your experience within reach of recruiters.

The Employee Referral

While many job seekers assume that hiring managers are searching primarily online for qualified talent, a survey by SilkRoad revealed otherwise. While potential employers do search for candidates online, employee referrals lead to the majority of talent acquisitions, according to that survey. The philosophy that "it's not what you know but rather who you know" rings true. Hiring managers rely on their current employees to refer qualified candidates in the midst of a job search, according to a 2015 Recruiter Nation survey that revealed that referrals account for the most successful strategies employed by 78 percent of recruiters.

Improve your opportunities during the job search by first identifying companies you desire to work for and seeking out current employees from your professional network. Spread the word that you are actively seeking a job interview, and ask for a referral. Share this information with all members of your network, and inquire if these professionals know of individuals working for companies within your industry.

The Internal Opportunity

Although you may be ready to pack up and leave your current job, you may be overlooking opportunities. According to a Talent Board survey, 50 percent of applicants hired already have an established relationship with the employer.

Before jumping ship and launching a new job search, seek out opportunities for advancement within your own firm. New positions often appear when a business is thriving, sales professionals acquire large contracts and productivity exceeds expectations. It may be your time to launch an internal job search, especially when employers often prefer to look from within before opening up positions to outside candidates.

The Social Media Search

With advanced technology dictating how businesses operate, it's not surprising that many hiring managers search for candidates via social media platforms. Interacting with clients and professionals on social media has become the norm. Why would they not seek out viable talent through these means as well?

Ramp up your presence on social media, and begin interacting with professionals working at companies you admire. Establish yourself as an expert by sharing informative articles related to the industry or offering tips and advice on how to succeed within your chosen field. Hiring managers are bound to take notice.

Avoid exhausting all of your time, energy and resources solely using a single method of attracting hiring managers during your job search. Maximize your efforts by making your skills and experience available where potential employers are already seeking talent.

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