Why Are Educated and Ambitious Women in Tech Paid Less?

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Ambitious women leave a significant mark in many industries, but the wage gap still exists, especially in tech industries. Change is on the horizon, though, as many women continue to showcase their skills, qualifications and experience in the field. Learn why education and ambition can propel you past the men in your office to eliminate any instances of wage discrimination.

Practical Thinking

Women are notorious for thinking in practical terms when it comes to boosting skills. For example, women in tech positions have mastered the five programming languages, yet the wage gap is still a concern. Although more women are moving into management, they still occupy junior positions compared to their male colleagues. The practicality of how women operate may be the cause, unfortunately. Bias in the workplace can lead upper management to assume women may stall their careers for family responsibilities because that is a practical and important choice. However, if you find yourself discouraged, know that many ambitious women have shown company executives that they can maintain and excel at both work and home obligations.

Value-Based Thinking

Although it is unfair, the wage gap still exists in many industries because women value pursuing professional development. Some employers encourage continuing education, while others may see this as a distraction from the daily work flow and production. Women are curious by nature, and they seek out opportunities to boost their skills, professional worth and overall knowledge base. According to the Stack Overflow annual survey, men prioritize compensation and technology, whereas women are more focused on professional development and a cohesive company culture. The desire to progress offers hope that the wage gap continues to diminish as women increase their knowledge and show executives that their assets make them eligible for higher pay.


Gender discrimination does influence and often times, cause differences in the wage gap. For instance, when a hiring manager is presented with a male candidate during a job interview, he is less likely to consider outside obligations or family life as a deterrent. However, women are often labeled as caretakers and unfairly judged as professionals with outside distractions that may impact productivity and profits for the firm. When interviewing for a position, refrain from divulging information about your family and marital status to reduce the risk of direct or unintentional discrimination during the hiring process.

It's no secret that women are paid less than men in most industries. However, as more and more women show ambition, dedication and strong work ethics, the wage gap may dissipate, offering equal opportunities for all genders. Focus on your talents, skills and professionalism when presented with a job opportunity, and avoid revealing your outside activities and responsibilities to improve your chances for promotion or hiring.

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  • Nancy Anderson
    Nancy Anderson

    @Melanie W thanks for your comment and so very true. But, the tides are starting to turn - albeit slowly. They may not turn as much as we would like under the current administration but, as long as women keep fighting, keep protesting - things will start to change.

  • Melanie W.
    Melanie W.

    Often ambitious women are labeled as aggressive and their contributions are considered minimal to justify for lower pay or promotion opportunities

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