Why Leaving a Job You Don’t Like Is Hard

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So you’ve realized your current job may not be such a good fit, you’ve thought about leaving  but something seems to be holding you back. Is it hesitancy? Is it fear? Or maybe you're stuck in a loop of uncertainty. These are all normal feelings to experience when you are debating on leaving a job that isn’t meeting your expectations or needs. 

Making a big change can be frightening at times but at the end of the day your mental and physical health is what’s most important and you should always put yourself first. Here are a few reasons why leaving a job can be challenging and what you can do to help yourself shift into something new. 

#1- Financial Security and Steady Employment

It comes as no surprise that financial security and steady employment are some of the biggest reasons people decide to stick with a job that isn’t the best for them. Having steady income and employment is highly correlated with overall health and it can be very intimidating to leave a job that provides you with these things. A good rule of thumb is to conduct thorough research on jobs you wish to apply for and the securities that they provide. Having ajob offer lined up before you decide to put in your two weeks will help ease the transition.

#2- A Fluctuating Job Market

At first glance, the job market can appear unpredictable. Searching for a new job can feel a bit unnerving if you don’t keep up with job market statistics. Despite the job market having its ups and downs, especially with Covid-19, it has been relatively stable for the past year. Since December 2021, national unemployment rates have been fluctuating between 3.4% and 3.9%. The rate of job openings in September 2022 was just 1.1% higher than this year's measured growth of 5.5%. Staying on top of job market statistics can help you decide when is the best time to make a job change with confidence!

#3- Routine and Comfort

Humans are creatures of habit and routine and we commonly enjoy being in an environment where things are comfortable and predictable for us. Changing jobs can serve as a disruption to a fleshed-out routine and requires leaving our comfort zone to thrive in new conditions. If you are hesitant about leaving your job but not entirely sure why despite being certain, it could simply be that you're just afraid of change. Recognizing this fear and knowing that it’s completely normal and a part of the process can encourage you enough to take the steps you need to land your next job.

#4- Job’s Inherently Serve as a Part of our Identity

Your job can sometimes serve as an identifying marker of who you are. For example, a doctor or lawyer will likely be perceived as a disciplined person with a strong education by most people. These characteristics can serve as defining part of a person’s identity and leaving a job can feel like those characteristics are taken away. When it comes to your job and identity it’s best to keep a balance and to not let your job encapsulate the entirety of who you are to avoid feeling “empty” when you leave your job. If your job serves as a large part of your identity, just remember that changing to something new won’t take away who you are, it will only add to it.

Life isn’t perfect and eventually, you’ll run into a job that ends up not being for you. Luckily, there are plenty of jobs in the sea that can better fit you. Your happiness and health will always be of more importance than your 9 to 5 so invest in yourself and be reassured that you can overcome the challenges that changing a job can bring.


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