Why Your Job Search Feels Like It Plateaued

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Searching for a job can be hard, especially when you feel as though your search has plateaued. You’re applying for positions and landing interviews, so what’s going wrong? There are a couple of factors that can lead to this issue. 

1.  Networking: With so many online resources to assist your job search, it’s easy to rely on them to land you a job. They are great for finding jobs, building profiles, and connecting with peers. However, leaning on these tools 100% may prevent you from standing out to employers. Networking face-to-face can help you get past this hurdle. If you find yourself communicating with potential employers solely online, try meeting with them in person instead to make meaningful connections. 

2. Resume Issues: If you feel as though employers are glossing over your profile, you may want to take a look at your resume, online profile, and/or your portfolio. Remember, these are your opportunities to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your value as an employee. If your resume doesn’t paint you in the best possible light, consider giving it a refresh.

3. Persistence: It can be easy to lose your spirit when searching for a job. The process itself can seem tedious, and your attitude can suffer as a result. But persistence is key! Renew your efforts and keep applying for positions that seem right for you. Allowing yourself to be defeated by setbacks isn’t going to do you any favors, and opportunities usually don’t just fall into your lap.

4. Poor interviewing: Let’s say you have a perfect resume, an outstanding work record, and all the qualifications you need for a position. You land an interview for a great job, and… nothing. Well, it may be because your interview skills aren’t all that they could be. It can be a challenging skill to master, but one that will certainly pay off. Interviews are important and their purpose is for you to standout. An interview is the perfect chance to impress your potential employer and get past that plateau.

5. Incomplete Skillset: If you’re looking for a specific job within a specific field, and you’re having no luck landing a position, you may be missing a crucial skill or two that are must-haves from an employer’s perspective. While many jobs offer training as a part of their onboarding process, it’s best to have at least a foundation in the skills required for a position. There are a few ways to overcome this issue, including online training opportunities that offer certification upon completion.

6. Competitive or Limited Market: Sometimes, the field in which you’re pursuing a career may be a factor in your success. Certain industries are very competitive, like technology. If you’re applying for jobs where the competition is fierce, it may be difficult to land a position. Keep your options open by being open-minded to the idea of taking a similar role, perhaps in a different field or a job that’s a steppingstone to a future opportunity.


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