Will He Call or Won't He?

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When you think about it, the modern job search is a lot like the dating scene: plenty of well-qualified candidates looking for permanent partnership, lots of sketchy relationships and a few truly great positions that are coveted by many. The job search, like the dating scene, is simultaneously exciting, challenging and frustrating. Here are some ways to relate to your job search like courting a potential mate.

The Man The Job

So you found the ultimate potential mate. He seems to have everything you need and more. You want to commit to him for life, or at the very least, give it a few years of courtship and growth. Even if he's not offering you a huge bank account, you know that you can make it work, so you do whatever it takes to impress him. You show off your skills and talents and present the best parts of yourself so that he'll only notice you and no one else.

The Date The Interview

When you finally get a date with him, you worry about impressing him or saying the wrong thing. So you practice your lines in the mirror and rehearse your answers to common questions. You pick out the best outfit in your closet and make sure you look and smell great. Let the conversation flow naturally and be sure to include plenty of discussion about your skills and accomplishments so he'll be impressed. The date ends with a firm handshake and a promise of things to come.

The Follow-Up

So he said he'd call you on a certain day, but that day comes and goes. You try not to worry; you know he's a busy man with plenty of other prospects. So you wait patiently for that call. Meanwhile, you try to keep yourself occupied with other potential suitors, even if they don't seem as great as this guy. You just know he'll want to see you again.

The Game

So you decided to bite the bullet and follow up with him instead of waiting. You call, email or text to see if there are next steps between the two of you. All communication is ignored. You think that perhaps he's playing hard to get, trying to get a sense of your determination and passion for the potential relationship. How bad do you want it?

The Mystery

After weeks of waiting, he finally responds. Unfortunately, the response is vaguely dismissive. He never really says he wants to see you again, but avoids full-on rejection. At this point, you begin to lose hope that this relationship will ever blossom.

The Letdown

After weeks of back-and-forth and vague, tired responses, you realize this dream relationship was never meant to be. You come to terms with the fact that he chose someone else for the position you thought was created for you. Do not be discouraged; disappointment is a common aspect of any job search. Keep trying.

The job search can be as frustrating as the dating scene, but it doesn't have to be. Nothing good ever comes easily. Present an impressive profile, sell yourself in interviews and follow up with potential employers while keeping a positive outlook in your job search.

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