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Healthcare jobs are available throughout the country, and the need for personal trainers is constantly growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for personal trainers and workout instructors is expected to grow at a rate of 24 percent through the year 2020. The increase in job availability is larger than that of other fields, which are projected to increase by 14 percent per year. If you're interested in building a career in the healthcare field and enjoy helping people in need of a healthy workout routine, you could consider a career as a personal trainer.

When people think of personal trainers, they tend to imagine someone who works in a local gym. However, personal trainers aren't only employed by gyms, and their focus isn't just fitness. You could also go to client's homes, work at a hospital, or be employed by a corporation that wants to make health and wellness a strong focus for its employees.

Personal trainers help motivate and guide individuals or groups through workout routines. As a workout instructor, you could teach exercise classes, focus on teaching individuals about the importance of strength training, and teach how to properly stretch before exercise. In addition to teaching people how to exercise properly, many personal trainers help their clients learn more about nutrition so that they can eat healthily on a regular basis.

When you make the decision to become a personal trainer, you need to decide what your focus will be. Fitness isn't the only aspect of a personal trainers job. It's likely that your job will also require you to know a lot about nutrition and how the body functions. Like other jobs in the healthcare industry, trainers often specialize in helping types of people or focus on specific needs. For example, you might decide that you'd enjoy working with children to teach them the benefits of eating healthy and getting enough exercise. If you decide to focus on children's health, you could choose to work for a children's hospital, seek employment in a school, or become a private workout instructor who works solely with obese children.

While some local gyms may allow you to become a workout instructor with on-the-job training, if you want to build a life-long career as a physical trainer, you should consider obtaining a personal training certification. In most cases, it's up to the employer whether or not someone certified is hired, but you increase your chances of getting a job that you want by getting certified. In addition, if you want to work for an area hospital or another medical facility, you'll need to become certified.

Whether it's your goal to choose a specialty to focus on or become a workout instructor at your favorite gym, a lot of job opportunities for personal trainers are available. All you need to do is decide what your career focus will be and get the education that you need to be successful.

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