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Nexxt connects you to a whole world of talent and the tactics you need to reach them.


Companies Finding New Talent with Nexxt

Nexxt works with a portfolio of satisfied blue-chip companies and is proud to be an integral part of their hiring process.



Reach our growing audience through a mix of multi-channel solutions that optimize efforts and maximize return on investment



Easily discover the best talent in the diverse Nexxt database‚Äďan all in one, easy-to-use platform whether you're casting a wide net or hyper-focused



Start instant conversations with in-demand candidates subscribed to receive text messages to maximize reach and engagement in real-time

Reach the Best People Wherever They Are

Complex hiring needs call for a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond job advertising to connect with talent when, where and how they're most likely to engage.

Solutions Tailored to Your Size and Needs

Regardless of whether you need to fill one or 1,000+ positions, Nexxt can help. Nexxt offers a suite of customizable solutions and the technology for any business looking to find the best talent.

Enterprise Businesses

Source and hire the right people at scale for all parts of your business, all while hitting your recruitment goals and generating a positive ROI

Small/Medium-sized Businesses

Find top quality employees for your business regardless of its size by sourcing and engaging with the right candidates in your area


Ensure your clients connect with the right talent to fulfill their business needs by finding top quality candidates

Staffing Firms

Fill your pipelines with all the right people from a vast pool of more than 150 million candidates

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