Click your way to a better job.

SmartMatch learns from your activity.

SmartMatch is a patented technology used by Nexxt to deliver the best possible job matches, as well as career content like news, articles and job search advice. SmartMatch anticipates what will be most relevant to you based on your own activity. Every time you view, like or apply to a job that's a great fit for you, you're telling SmartMatch to find more jobs like that.

SmartMatch Alerts use this special technology to deliver these jobs right to your inbox. The jobs that appear in your home page feed are also selected for you using SmartMatch.

SmartMatch helps you find new job opportunities.

Rather than run the same search over and over again, SmartMatch dynamically updates your job match criteria in real time to find similar jobs to ones you like. As a result, you'll discover new jobs you might not have found on your own.

Improving your job matches on Nexxt is as easy as clicking.

The more you view, like and apply to relevant jobs, the better your matches will become.